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    any hockey fans out there?

    I keep hearing about how a lot of the older guys will likely "pass the torch on" in regards to the Olympics, but with the exception of Stevie Y and Mario, who might step down, i dont think they will. I think they'll want to take their last 'hoo-ra'. That being said, there's not that much room for new guys, so what new faces do you think we'll be seeing?

    Spezza, Heatley, Crosby, Staal, etc.?

    I think Heatley's a given, but I'm not sure about Spezza. I'd rather take him over someone like St.Louis b/c he can both produce and score goals but the list and caliber of the guys ahead of him, I think he might have to wait for Sakic to go before he can step in. I don't think there's room for Sid.

    On a side note, this topic makes me realize even more how disgusting our country is for hockey. We could produce 2 teams and both have a shot at the gold.
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