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Thread: Texas-OU predictions

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    Default Texas-OU predictions

    How the Statesman staff see it


    Texas 31, Oklahoma 21: "Don't look now, but the Sooners, despite their problems, have a shot. This, after all, is the Red River Shootout.''


    Texas 50, Oklahoma 13: "In 100th game, Texas will settle for a half-century."


    Texas 31, Oklahoma 20: "I cannot believe I am picking Texas, but I can't believe TCU beat Oklahoma."


    Texas 38, Oklahoma 17: "Vince vs. Rhett? Enough said."


    Texas 31, Oklahoma 13: "The No. 2 team in the country is supposed to beat unranked opponents. Supposedly."


    Texas 31, OU 14: "It'll be close for a while, but the Longhorns have the talent where it matters the most on the offensive and defensive lines."


    Texas 38, Oklahoma 13: "Was going to make it 38-14 but couldn't figure out how Oklahoma could score two touchdowns. Give 'em one and a couple field goals."


    Texas 24, Oklahoma 14: "Sooners are improving and will be dangerous, but right now they can't match Longhorns' muscle up front, where this game will be won."


    Texas 31, Oklahoma 14: "Revenge is a dish best served by Vince."


    Texas 38, Oklahoma 17: "And Sooner fans start planning their own 'Reverse the Curse' movement for 2006."


    Texas 31, Oklahoma 20: "The Sooners shock the Longhorns with a couple of early scores, but struggle to stop the Longhorns in the fourth quarter."


    Texas 34, Oklahoma 17: "Putting the thorny past aside, Texas stays on path to the Rose Bowl."

    Other opinions from around the state

    Lance Armstrong, seven-time Tour de France champ: Texas 35, Oklahoma 17. "We're all ready for a Red River whoopin' "

    Chip Brown, The Dallas Morning News: Texas 35, Oklahoma 10. "The experience and depth on UT's defensive line is too much for the Sooners and Rhett Bomar."

    Jimmy Burch, Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Texas 27, Oklahoma 16. "After five years, the momentum is flowing the other direction in the Red River Rivalry.''

    Brian Davis, The Dallas Morning News: Texas 27, Oklahoma 24. "This is UT's year, or so we think. OU has just enough talent to turn this into a nail-biter."

    Joseph Duarte, Houston Chronicle: Texas 35, Oklahoma 17. "Who says a hit can't make a comeback? Vince Young provides background music as Longhorns 'Party like it's 1999.'

    Randy Galloway, Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Oklahoma 21, Texas 20. "When Mack does it, then I will again believe it's possible for him to beat Stoops."

    Tim Griffin, San Antonio Express-News: Texas 24, Oklahoma 14. "Stoops' 'hex' over the Longhorns finally is broken. The Longhorns have too much talent for an OU team that is still a year or two away from re-entering the national title picture."

    Eric Ransom, Daily Texan: Texas 35, Oklahoma 7. "The Texas offense won't stop as they rack up five TDs."

    Tom Kite, PGA champion: Texas 45, Oklahoma 17: "I think it's going to be a blowout."

    Rick Perry, Texas governor: Texas 41, Oklahoma 10. "Texas is going to shellack Oklahoma 41-10, and that's being charitable."

    Mark Wangrin, San Antonio Express-News: Texas 34, Oklahoma 21. "It's safe to come out from behind the woodshed now."

    And the national perspective

    Dennis Dodd, CBS Sportsline: Texas 23, Oklahoma 17. "This goes into the final five minutes before Texas scores a late touchdown to win it. What, you expected a blowout?"

    Tom Shatel, Omaha World-Herald: Texas 28, Oklahoma 7. "Time for Mack to Stoop(s) to a new level."

    Steve Wieberg, USA Today: Texas 31, Oklahoma 14. "Horns have enough physical superiority to trump any psychological baggage."

    Tom Dienhart, The Sporting News: Texas 21, Oklahoma 17. "The Sooners' defense will make it tough on Texas, but Vince Young will add to his Heisman script with another game-winning, fourth-quarter scoring drive."

    Pete Thamel, The New York Times: Oklahoma 19, Texas 14. "I always maintained I'd pick OU until Texas won one. It's a philosophy that hasn't done me wrong yet."

    Gene Wojciechowksi, ESPN The Magazine: Texas 16, Oklahoma 14. "The law of averages finally catches up to the Sooners, though OU's defense won't make it easy for VY and the fellas."

    Edwin Pope, Miami Herald: Texas 35, Oklahoma 24. "For all of us who all these years wondered why Texas can't get it right, the Horns send an answer: 'We have.' "

    George Schroeder, Daily Oklahoman: Texas 27, Oklahoma 20. "Vince Young's fantastic ability is too much for the young Sooners. Mack finally exorcises the demon for a year, anyway."

    Chris Dufresne, Los Angeles Times: Texas 21, Oklahoma 20. "Texas finally beats Oklahoma but falls to No. 3 in the Harris poll behind Virginia Tech."

    Blair Kerkhoff, Kansas City Star: Texas 30, Oklahoma 21. "Face it, for five years Oklahoma was the better team. Not this year."

    John Henderson, Denver Post: Texas 24, Oklahoma 17. "I don't see how OU can run, even with a healthy Adrian Peterson.''

    Jenni Carlson, Daily Oklahoman: Texas 42, Oklahoma 17. "Oklahoma showed signs of improvement last week. Thing is, they still fall below Texas' level."

    Stewart Mandel, Texas 24, Oklahoma 13. "It is Young's presence that should give the Horns some long-lacking confidence when they face the Sooners.''

    Guerin Emig, Tulsa World: Texas 34, Oklahoma 20. "The Longhorns give up the ball a couple times, just as the Sooners hope. But then the Sooners give it right back. Rhett Bomar will win this game more than once, just not this year."

    Rana Cash, Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Texas 17, Oklahoma 10. "Even Bevo can see that Oklahoma is struggling mightily. Texas will take full advantage."

    Vahe Gregorian, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Texas 31, Oklahoma 10. "Sooners keep it close early, but Longhorns zip away to end Stoops' hex."

    Scott Wolf, Los Angeles Daily News: Texas 35, Oklahoma 24. "The difference between the teams is so noticeable that not even Mack Brown should be able to screw this up."

    Cedric Golden

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    Looks like Tom Kite was pretty close at calling the score.
    Texas deserved it this year but there is always next year. ahahaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by soonerfan View Post
    Looks like Tom Kite was pretty close at calling the score.
    Texas deserved it this year but there is always next year. ahahaha

    Yeah, we'll kick your ass again. Remember, Jamaal Charles...the guy who ran that 80-yard a freshman.

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