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Thread: Jackass Terrell Owens loses in arbitration YEA!

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    Default Jackass Terrell Owens loses in arbitration YEA!

    THANK GOD! I hate this guy!

    Arbitrator Upholds Owens' Suspension

    PHILADELPHIA - An arbitrator has upheld the Philadelphia Eagles' four-game suspension of Terrell Owens, and the team has the right to deactivate him.

    Arbitrator Richard Bloch heard more than 13 hours of arguments last week.

    Owens' side argued the penalty is excessive and the Eagles' plan _ which is to deactivate him when that time is up _ is too severe. Owens is seeking reinstatement to the Eagles or a release so he can sign with another team.

    The Eagles maintain the suspension is fair and are willing to pay Owens about $1 million to stay home the final five games.

    Owens was suspended Nov. 5 after he again criticized quarterback Donovan McNabb, called the organization "classless" and fought with former teammate Hugh Douglas, who serves as team "ambassador."

    Two days later, the Eagles extended the suspension to four games and told Owens not to return to the team. The reigning conference champions are 0-3 without Owens and 4-6 overall, last in the NFC East.

    Owens has five years remaining on a seven-year, $48.97 million contract that he signed when he came to Philadelphia in March 2004. His problems started when he demanded a new contract after an outstanding season in which he caught 77 passes for 1,200 yards and 14 touchdowns, helping the Eagles reach the Super Bowl.

    With Owens, the Eagles are 17-5 over two seasons. Without him, they're 2-5, including two meaningless losses and two playoff wins.

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    Default Re: Jackass Terrell Owens loses in arbitration YEA!

    Haaaaaahaaaaa! ITA, Lynnie! T.O. and his idiot agent should be eating humble pie right now, but I'm sure their both having seconds of 'Fuck you.'

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