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Thread: Figure skater gets face sliced by partner's skate blade (Article + Video)

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    Default Figure skater gets face sliced by partner's skate blade (Article + Video)

    Injured Dube expects to be skating again in 10 days
    Sun Feb 11, 5:38 PM ET

    COLORADO SPRINGS, United States (AFP) - Canadian pairs skater Jessica Dube said she expects to be back on the ice in 10 days and competing at the World Championships despite a frightening accident.

    Dube's face was sliced open here Thursday by the skate blade of partner Bryce Davison during side-by-side camel spins in their pairs free programme.

    She underwent surgery to repair the facial laceration on Thursday night, and left hospital on Friday.

    "I just want to say to everyone that I'm fine and that everything with my surgery went really well," said Dube. "I'm looking forward to being back on the ice in 10 days.

    "The surgery went really well, and I'm really happy with what they did with my face."

    Davison said he and Dube, who won the Canadian pairs title last month, were still aiming to compete at the World Championships in Tokyo next month.

    "I think were looking forward to worlds and taking it slow, but at the same time just staying confident and being ourselves and not changing too much and trying to put this behind us and learn from it," he said.

    Dube, 19, and Davison both said they had been buoyed by the support of the Canadian team here, as well as the US Figure Skating Association and the International Skating Union, in particular ISU medical officer doctor Jane Moran.

    The duo's coach, Annie Barabe, said she was impressed with Dube's reslilience.

    "I talked to her this morning, and she thinks shes going to worlds," Barabe said. "The doctor said she needs to rest the face for 10 days. A lot has happened between the accident and now, so Im thinking maybe a lot can happen in the next 10 days, but in her head she thinks shes going to be fine, and she also told me that she would have been ready to skate today.

    "Shes very, very tough. That, Im very impressed with."

    Barabe said Dube might be less affected emotionally by the accident, because she doesn't remember it.

    "I think psychologically, right now, she is better than Bryce and me, because she doesnt really remember the accident, so she doesn't see it in her head.

    "Bryce and me, we can still see it... when we go to sleep, we close our eyes and we see it."

    While Davison has held up well, she said she expected him to have counseling to put the incident behind him.

    "Bryce has been amazing. I could not expect better," Barabe said. "Im thinking that when we go back, all the pressure will come up, and so yes, he will see someone and well make sure that his head is fine to keep going with his skating career."

    Barabe admitted the accident had been emotional for her.

    "A lot of people told me, 'You handled it pretty well,'" she said. "But for me I didn't think so, because I got emotional right away. I'm teaching this little girl for like 13 years. I have no children of my own, so she's like my little girl.

    "I was too emotional. I thought I was a little bit in panic myself."

    But Barabe said that if Dube gets a clean bill of health and wants to compete at the world championships, she won't try to stop her.

    Skate Canada vice president Debbie Macmurdo said that as of now, Dube and Davison are on the team.

    "To say that, 'Yes, they are going,' that will be dependent on Skate Canada and the coach and how ready the athletes are to do the job they have to do at worlds," she said.
    SOURCE: Injured Dube expects to be skating again in 10 days - Yahoo! News

    Here's a video of the accident. It's not what I'd call graphic, you don't see blood, but you do see his skate hit her in the face and her go down. She's extremely lucky it didn't take her eye.

    VIDEO: YouTube - Skater JESSICA DUBE takes a iceskate in the FACE during
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    Holy shit! That's awful! I'm glad she's ok and the blade didn't hit anything really vital. wow, scary! I'm sure she'll more aware of the distance in those camel-spins from now on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dean James View Post
    I'm glad she's ok and the blade didn't hit anything really vital. scary

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    Ouch! I flinched just reading the article, I'll pass on the video.

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    Heard this on the news the other. Ouch! Poor girl.
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    Ouch alright. That would of killed with pain.

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    Sounds painful, glad she has made a full recovery though

    I will pass on the video as well, sounds a bit to gruesome for me

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    The video was removed.
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