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Thread: (OSU Football Player)Gentry experiences first movement in lower body since injury

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    Thumbs up (OSU Football Player)Gentry experiences first movement in lower body since injury

    Gentry experiences first movement in lower body since injury
    'Emotional rush' for OSU players, receivers coach says

    By Ken Gordon
    The Columbus Dispatch
    Wednesday, October 11, 2006 8:21 PM

    Injured Ohio State player Tyson Gentry is ecstatic after regaining movement in a toe, Buckeyes receivers coach Darrell Hazell said today.

    Gentry, a punter and receiver, suffered a broken C-4 vertebra in his neck during an April 14 scrimmage. He has been wheelchair-bound with limited movement in his upper body and no movement in his lower body until this newest development.

    Hazell said he called Tyson's father Bob Gentry, "and he said (Tuesday) night his sister took his shoe off and he was able to move his second left toe, and that was good, that was huge, so we'll see."

    Hazell said when he passed the news along to the receivers today, "it was just an emotional rush over the guys. It was huge for the guys."

    Coach Jim Tressel announced the news to the full team later in the day, spokesman Steve Snapp said.
    This is great news..this guy was featured prominently in the Penn State game with a Penn State player who had a similar injury and made a great recovery..that he had some movement in his toes is fantastic!

    Anyone out there familiar with spinal injuries who would care to comment??
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    That is excellent news
    Even if he doesnt regain the ability to walk its still a huge accomplishment

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