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Thread: Carly Patterson

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    Default Carly Patterson

    What Do They Call This Performance Ending Pose That Carly Patterson Is Striking In This Picture?

    You See In This Picture That Carly Patterson Has Her Right Hand In Front Of Her Face With The Palm Of Her Hand Facing Her Face While She Is Standing In A Mini-Squat & You Also See That The Heel Of Her Right Foot Is Lifted Off The Ground & The Toes On Her Right Foot Are Touching The Ground & You Also See That Her Left Foot Is Laying Flat On The Ground.

    What Was The Reason Why Carly Patterson Did This At The End Of Her Performance?

    Why Is It That Carly Patterson Did Not Wear Any Nail Polish On Her Finger Nails & Toe Nails During Her Gold Medal Winning Performance?

    What Brand Of Leotard Do We See Carly Patterson Wearing In This Picture?

    Why Didn't She Keep The Leotard That We See Her Wearing In This Picture?

    When Will I Hear About Carly Patterson Purchasing The Leotard That We See Her Wearing In This Picture?

    How Possible Is It That Purchasing That Leotard & Keeping It Can Make It Easier For Her To Keep The Memory Of The Day That She Won The Gold Medal?

    How Much Cash Would Carly Patterson Have To Pay If She Decides To Buy The Leotard That We See Her Wearing In This Picture?

    How Loose Or Tight Was That Leotard On Her In This Picture & Why Do You Say That?

    Around What Parts Of Her Body Was That Leotard Either Loose Or Tight In This Picture & Why Do You Say That?

    How Loose Or Tight Was That Leotard Around Her Belly,Her Thighs & Her Butt In This Picture & Why Do You Say That?

    How Well Will That Leotard Look On Carly Patterson If She Puts It On Right Now & Why Do You Say That?

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    What the ever-loving fuck?
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    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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    So many questions.........but it only needs one answer.

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    Someone needs the dose upped on their meds.
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    I'm disappointed. I love gymnastics news.

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