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Thread: Yankees GM Brian Cashman Possibly Caught In Messy Extramarital Affair

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    Default Yankees GM Brian Cashman Possibly Caught In Messy Extramarital Affair

    Sometime between February and March in 2009, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman headed down to Tampa to join his team for the usual spring training routine. It was a trip he'd been making for many years. But in addition to the dozens of media outlets that covered his every move that spring, there was a man with a camera observing his activities away from Steinbrenner Field.

    That same year, a source informed Deadspin that Cashman and a woman who was not his wife were being tailed by a private investigator from All State Investigation. Cashman's lady friend's husband had hired the private investigator. These blurry imagesóof a man believed to be Cashman and a black-haired woman nuzzling one anotherówere part of the evidence the investigator submitted to the distraught husband as proof of the adultery.

    Yesterday, Deadspin contacted Cashman about the 2009 affair allegations and the private investigations surrounding it, and he reluctantly gave a "no comment." This evening, at approximately 6:30, we followed up and offered to show him some of the photos. He accepted. We've been told by sources that he has already frantically contacted the woman (with whom he's apparently still involved) and is now in full-on damage control mode. We are awaiting his full comment and will tell you more about this sordid tale of love and betrayal beneath the Tampa sun tomorrow.

    Yankees GM Brian Cashman Possibly Caught In Messy Extramarital Affair

    I must admit that I posted this story because I've always thought that Cashman was so incredibly hot (in a geeky sort of way).

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    Interesting - since my Tigers are playing the Yankees in the playoffs. And we're going to kick their ass.
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    Everyone in baseball cheats, everyone. Not surprised. The common joke in the clubhouse after a roadtrip is 'act horny'.
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    cashman. such an appropriate name

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