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Thread: Anyone watching NBA finals? Miami Heat wins over Dallas Mavericks!

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    Default Anyone watching NBA finals? Miami Heat wins over Dallas Mavericks!

    So now that the NBA finals is set, I predict the Miami Heat will win the NBA championship this year over the Dallas Mavericks.

    Of course my sentimental favorite is for Dallas and Nowitzki to win, but there's absolutely no way for any team to beat the Heat with three superstars on a team. This is unlike the Houston Rockets team of 97/98 where it had three NBA superstars on the downward trend of their careers and battling injuries.

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    i haven't watched a game since the Celtics blew it. I'd love to see Dallas win. Anyone can win except LeBron. he's a prick
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    I only watch basketball when the Heat are in the playoffs. Yes I'm a true weather fan. I know they are the hated team right now but being from Florida GO HEAT!
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    I stopped watching when the Nuggets lost to OKC.
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