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Thread: Herschel Walker wins second pro MMA fight via TKO

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    Default Herschel Walker wins second pro MMA fight via TKO

    Herschel Walker wins second pro fight via TKO - Cagewriter - UFC* - Yahoo! Sports

    Herschel Walker continues to defy Father Time. The 48-year-old former NFL and college football star toyed with Scott Carson to pick up his second career mixed martial arts win on the Strikeforce card in San Jose, Calif.

    Walker knocked Carson down with left hook in the opening minute of their fight at the HP Pavilion and brutalized him on the ground for the next two minutes. Referee Dan Stell stepped in to save Carson at 3:13 of the first round. Walker is now 2-0 and said he plans on moving forward with his MMA career.

    "MMA is my love," Walker said, when asked about talk of an NFL return.

    Walker has been successful in every athletic endeavor he's attempted, so he's very demanding of himself in MMA.

    "I was okay. I took a kick where I thought I was getting a little too excited," Walker said. "When you're in MMA, you should be able to take a kick like that."

    Walker was a bull from the get-go.

    "(My trainer) Javier Mendes told me I have to be on offense. Being a young MMA fighter I gotta control what I'm doing in the cage," said Walker.

    The majority of the fight was waged on the ground. For man his age, Walker's energy level was incredible. He threw 58 shots and landed 40 overall. On the ground, he was 36-of-53 (67.9 percent). Carson got to his feet momentarily with 3:50 left in the round, but Walker lifted him in the air and tossed him back down. Walker's combination of stamina and athleticism simply broke Carson's will.

    Walker began his MMA journey in 2009 when he began training at a renowned MMA gym, the American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose. That's also the home of UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez and UFC welterweight title contenders Jon Fitch and Josh Koscheck.

    Walker made his MMA debut last January. He showed off decent striking and grappling, with his gas tank being his most impressive element. Walker manhandled 26-year-old Greg Nagy for his first professional victory.

    Walker's MMA exploits add to an unbelievable athletic resume. After a decorated career at Georgia, Walker earned a home in the college football Hall of Fame. He won the 1982 Heisman trophy as a junior. Walker went on to play 15 seasons in the USFL and NFL, where he rushed for 13,787 yards.

    In the middle of his NFL career, he decided that he wanted to be an Olympian and took on the challenge of the bobsled. Walker made the U.S. Olympic team in the two-man bobsled and finished seventh at the 1992 games.

    Herschel Walker’s Unique Diet and Workout Routine

    If you are not familiar with who Herschel Walker is, he is a former football player (regarded as one of the top college running backs of all time) and was also awarded the Heisman Trophy in 1982. He has played in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants. Herschel is also a mixed martial artist and has been signed by MMA promotion Strikeforce to compete in their heavyweight division.

    Since I don't really follow football, I hadn't really heard of Herschel Walker until he was a contestant on Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice. I came across an article which talks about his diet and fitness program. It is probably not what you are thinking. I know I was surprised when I read about his diet and workouts. Here is how it breaks down:

    Does not train with free-weights
    Uses bodyweight exercises, calisthenics, and conditioning, as well as martial arts training
    Performs 750-1,000 push-ups daily
    2,000+ sit-ups daily
    Skips breakfast
    Trains for martial arts which includes wrestling, kickboxing, sparring and jujitsu
    Dinner is the only meal consumed which consists of salad, soup, and bread
    He is a vegetarian
    Sleeps four hours a night

    Walker stated in an in-studio interview during BaD Radio on August 23, 2010 that he still performs 3,500 sit-ups and 1,000 push ups every day. He has been going through this same routine since high school.

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    He's fucking beautiful...
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    It's great to see someone in their 40's still be in shape.
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