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Late Tuesday night, while a good chunk of us were sitting through the last dregs of a terrible Grizzlies/Lakers game, an odd Tweet from Pistons forward Charlie Villanueva(notes) made the rounds.

Following his team's loss to Kevin Garnett(notes) and the Boston Celtics on Tuesday night, Charlie talked
about how he "would love to get in a ring" with KG and "expose him." Sounded like a bit of frustrated, post-loss, bluster, right?

Then we find out that KG's a bit of a jerk:

Pretty awful, KG.

If you're unaware, Charlie Villanueva has Alopecia Areata, isn't a cancer patient, and if he's telling the truth (and all indications, based on Garnett's on-court past, would seem to point in that direction), then this is absolutely something to take in and consider when musing about Garnett's legacy.

It's the first week of the season, and Garnett is pulling that out of his bag. What an ass.


Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post managed to speak one on one with Denver Nuggets coach George Karl, himself a cancer survivor, about Garnett's ravings earlier today.

Asked about Garnett, Karl told me: "My initial response is - it's disappointing and crossing the line. I don't know if cancer is an epidemic in our country, but we accept it as a problem and it's a very dangerous part of life for everybody. Making fun of it, that's part of (some people's) sarcastic side of trash talk. ... Sometimes, responsibility comes from knowing when to argue when not to - when to cross the line and when not to cross the line. So philosophically, if Kevin and I were close friends, I'd probably call him up and say, I don't think that's right (what you said).' But I also believe that competition makes us do things when we don't have our total mental morality in line. We act like children at times, even coaches."

Also, Kevin Garnett has released a statement, and I'll let you take him at his (carefully considered and revised) word if you want to. Via Woj's Twitter account: