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Thread: NCAA mens basketball

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    Default NCAA mens basketball

    now that football's over, i'm starting to get in to basketball and looking forward to march madness. unfortunately for me, the gators are sucking and we are probably going to get spanked by kentucky in about an hour.

    hope your teams are doing better!

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    Ok FINALLY I can actually talk about a team with PRIDE!!

    YES!!! My local: Syracuse University! Currently ranked #7, though has been as high as #5.

    GO CUSE!

    Jim Boeheim as a Coach is not a bad thing!!! He's been our Coach for over 25 yrs! God we love him!

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    I'm a Jayhawks fan. Have been for a while. i mean, come on! Paul Pierce played there!
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    when florida sucks i back the jayhawks because two of my best friends went there.

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