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Thread: Kim Clijsters donates prizemoney to Children's Hospital

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    Default Kim Clijsters donates prizemoney to Children's Hospital

    Kim’s big heart wins over Brisbane


    January 10, 2010 - 6:26AM

    Kim Clijsters meets a young patient while on a visit to the Royal Brisbane Childrens Hospital on December 31. Photo: Getty Images

    Kim Clijsters has shown herself a woman of not just exceptional sporting ability but one of great generosity and compassion by donating her entire prize money for winning the Brisbane International to the Royal Children’s Hospital.
    Clijsters, whose 23-month-old daughter Jada is with her in Brisbane, visited the hospital eight days ago, before her ultimately successful tournament campaign began.
    Belgians deliver epic final to Brisbane fans

    Click for more photos Winner Kim Clijsters (right) and runner-up Justine Henin at the Brisbane International. Photo: Getty Images

    The experience was one she has not been able to forget. Having won $37,000 for taking out the women’s singles title last night she quickly donated the entire sum to the hospital.
    "Ever since then it’s been on my mind," she said of her visit to the hospital at Herston.
    "It stuck with me for days. I keep thinking about those people. It’s terrible…it was the oncology floor as well which is very hard to see.
    "Boys, girls…Jada’s age…17 months, three years old with brain tumours and everything. You wonder - how is it possible that a young baby can have something like that?"
    She said she met many parents of children who are patients in the hospital and was desperate to help.
    "I have been in touch with them over the last few days as well," Clijsters said.
    "If we can help them out a little bit, even if it’s just letting them stay in a hotel so they don’t have to drive back and forth all the time or so they can have some family members come over.
    "It’s a small amount but hopefully it can help other people. Hopefully other people will donate because I donated something."

    Kim Clijsters I Brisbane International winner donates prize money

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    Damn - good for her. Very inspiring.

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    What a wonderful thing ! Bless her.
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    i'm SO glad that Justine and Kim are back in womens tennis. It is going to raise the womens game tremendously
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    Kim is so sweet. Good to have her back playing tennis.

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    It's nice to hear a story about people in sports doing GOOD things for a change.
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