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Thread: Sport's villains of 2009

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    Default Sport's villains of 2009

    Tiger Woods

    Mon 14 Dec, 2009 I think every golf fan in the world felt a tinge of disappointment when the man en route to becoming the greatest golfer who ever lived lost his way in a torrent of women who weren't his wife. His trustworthy image had been torn apart and got even worse as it was revealed he referred to his family as number one in his life during a NZ interview just days before 'that' car crash.

    Serena Williams

    Mon 14 Dec, 2009 Although it's still not clear what Serena Williams said to the bemused lineswoman during the US open semi final in New York, it certainly wasn't befitting of a sports star of her calibre. Not only did she show an ugly side of her temper during her verbal tirade, she ruined Kim Clijsters' moment of victory.

    Dean Richards

    (coach of England's Rugby Union team)
    Mon 14 Dec, 2009 Dean Richards was banned for three years after orchestrating a systematic cheating regime that saw Harlequins fake blood injuries on at least five separate occasions to be able to better utilise their substitutes bench. In more simple terms, he made his players take fake blood pills that made them look like they were bleeding.

    Thierry Henry

    (French football/soccer player)
    Mon 14 Dec, 2009 Despite Ireland's inaccurate claims that it's the moment that sent them out of the World Cup (they could still have had a penalty shootout to contend with had the goal been disallowed), Thierry plain shouldn't have done it. This once amiable and well respected football superstar has now earned the ire of a generation of Irish men and women.

    Michael Jordan

    Mon 14 Dec, 2009 The greatest basketball player of all time chose not to accept his induction into basketball's hall of fame with grace but rather used his speech as an opportunity to castigate old rivals, teammates and even his children (he told them "I wouldn't want to be you guys"). After making Isiah Thomas and Magic Johnson squirm in their seats over a long-ago slight, he at least managed to finish up with a little praise for long-time friend Scottie Pippen.

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    Jeez, best buds Jordan and Woods as sports bozos of the year? Go figure. Color me surprised. (I forgot about Jordan's soapbox special.)

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    i wouldnt say they were villians. Just assholes. now, Serena? that one move at the Open probably gave her the crown, but was undeserved as a whole.
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    Quote Originally Posted by msdeb View Post
    i wouldnt say they were villians. Just assholes. now, Serena? that one move at the Open probably gave her the crown, but was undeserved as a whole.
    Agreed. Although I'm shocked Flozell Adams from the Cowboys didn't make the list. He's been playing dirty for the entire season. Or what about that female soccer player that started a brawl on the field?

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    I haven't heard anything about Jordan's speech. I'm not surprised though. The Chicago media goes out of its way to make sure he's seen in a favorable light. Any idea where I can read a transcript of his speech?

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    How is Tiger Woods a "Sport's Villain"? Whatever he did in his personal life did not have anything to do with how he performed in his sport. I really don't see the connection like I see the other atheletes.
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    What happened to that thug bone chick was was wiping the soccer field with other girls? She was AWESOME!
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