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Thread: Steelers or Seahawks?

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    Default Steelers or Seahawks?

    Who do you support for the Super Bowl?

    I was in Pittsburgh yesterday, and 99% of the people I saw had Steeler's garb on, and most yards/cars were decorated. That's a town that just goes crazy with their support, it was fun to experience.

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    Default Re: Steelers or Seahawks?

    I'm rooting for the Steelers, only because of Jerome Bettis. I want him to come home to Detroit and win! Plus I have friends that live in Pittsburgh.

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    Default Re: Steelers or Seahawks?

    Being a former Browns fan - I could never respect myself if I rooted for the Steelers. Plus, I live in the NW and it's all the football we've got!

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    Default Re: Steelers or Seahawks?

    Rooting for my numbers on the Superbowl Board I am on. Otherwise, don't care. I would put money on the Steelers though.....if I was a gambling person of course.

    Should be a good game!!!

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