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Thread: NFL releases full 2009 regular-season schedule

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    Default NFL releases full 2009 regular-season schedule

    NEW YORK The Dallas Cowboys will open their new $1.1 billion stadium in a nationally televised Sunday night game against the New York Giants on Sept. 20.
    The NFL released its complete 2009 regular-season schedule Tuesday. The always-popular Cowboys lead all teams with six scheduled nationally televised games, even without Terrell Owens.
    Reigning Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh meets division rival Baltimore twice in five weeks late in the season after they faced off in the AFC title game. They play Nov. 29 and Dec. 27.
    The NFC champion Arizona Cardinals, who were edged by the Steelers in the Super Bowl, are scheduled for three national TV prime-time games: Sept. 27 at home against Indianapolis; Oct. 25 at the Giants; and Dec. 14 at San Francisco.
    "I think it is a little bit like the Pro Bowl," coach Ken Whisenhunt said. "We had five guys in this year because it was a sign of respect for what we are doing. And hopefully that is an indication that people are looking at us as a team maybe of interest, which hasn't necessarily been the case on a national level is what I am saying so that is exciting."
    On Oct. 11, the Patriots take on Denver and former offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, now the Broncos' coach. New England renews its rivalry with the Colts on Nov. 15.
    The NFL had already announced the opening weekend's prime-time games. The Steelers begin their title defense Thursday, Sept. 10 against the Titans, who had the league's best record in 2008 and beat the Steelers 31-14 in the 15th game of the season.
    The first Monday night game features the Patriots in what they hope is Tom Brady's return against the Bills, in Owens' debut. Also that night, the Chargers are at Oakland as the league pays tribute to the American Football League, which would have been 50 years old in 2010. All four of those teams are original AFL franchises.
    New England also plays Tampa Bay in London on Oct. 25, with the Buccaneers as the host team.
    The Bears, with new quarterback Jay Cutler, are among the teams with five nationally televised games.
    It was McDaniels' pursuit of then-Patriots quarterback Matt Cassel that led to Cutler's fallout with the Broncos. McDaniels will face Cassel when Denver plays the Chiefs on Dec. 6 and Jan. 3.
    The computer used by the NFL generated more than 1.3 million schedules for consideration, and the league reviewed more than 3,500 complete schedules. That number was cut to 60 before the final one was determined.
    Only two clubs have three-game road trips this season, down from as many as eight in the past. The Giants and Seahawks have three straight road contests.
    All teams playing a Thursday game that does not follow a bye are at home the weekend before the Thursday match.
    NFL releases full regular-season schedule
    The Giants vs. the Cowboys is the game I'm waiting for. It should be interesting without Plaxico & T.O.

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    Where the hell is the schedule? There's no link on the yahoo page.
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    There wasn't a schedule with the story.

    Edit: At ESPN it says that they're going to release the actual dates some time later in the Spring.

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    If the leafs don't get it together soon, the entire city is going to demand a 2nd nhl team, and we can afford it!

    ps: sorry, thot that was nhl, not nfl.

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