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  1. Re: Owen Wilson accused of plagiarizing Dupree

    That's exactly what I was wondering. Are they just throwing his name out there for the publicity? Because if all he did was act in the movie, it doesn't mean in any way that he was the one...
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    Re: Michael J. Fox Blasts Bush's Stem Cell Veto

    ^^^^I don't see what the big problem would be if they used stem cells from chord blood. They still have the infinate dividing capability and they cannot be considered a child in any way, shape or...
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    Re: Michael J. Fox Blasts Bush's Stem Cell Veto

    ^^^My FIL has Parkinson's and I'm sure he feels the exact same way. Since he was diagnosed three years ago, it has really taken ahold of him. Things like mowing the yard and hammering a nail into...
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    Re: Mel Gibson slams the Da Vinci Code

    I'll just be glad when this movie is out of theaters. I'm sick to death of hearing about it and everyone's crap already. It's fiction, people need to take it with a grain of salt.
  5. Re: Tom Cruise: "I'm right about anti-depressants"

    He should crawl back into his hole.
  6. Re: Latino Hollywood Actors (Olmos, Longoria, Hayek) Back May 1st Immigrant Boycott

    I don't see why they're getting their panties all in a bunch because they're being called illegal. It's a term for any immigrant that doesn't have their paperwork, not just a Mexican person who...
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    Re: Catherine Zeta-Jones is Scary!

    ^^Mine weren't that dark, but they were darker than usual when I was preg.
  8. Re: Gwyenth Paltrow shocks fellow diners by downing a beer and sushi

    So, she won't let her kid have cake and stuff and instead, has her eat hummus, follows a microbiotic diet when she's not pregnant, but when she is, she can drink alcohol? :confused:
  9. Re: Apple Martin in NYC with her nanny (03/21/2006)

    So sweet! I agree, I usually don't find her cute, but she certainly is in these pictures!
  10. Re: Tara Reid at L.A. Fashion week (03/23/2006)

    OMG. I could have done without opening this thread. That has to be the most hideous thing I've ever seen. Not to mention the most hideous dress. :barf: That third pic is just gross!
  11. Re: Pamela Anderson distraught by kids' haircut

    Now, if only Kate Hudson would cut her little girl's hair. Oops, I mean boy's.
  12. Re: 'Dog' to Marry on 'Bounty Hunter' - Duane Chapman and Beth Smith.

    He has a dozen children!!!! Holy crap that's alot of child support!!! :eek:
  13. Re: Kirstie Alley arriving at Celebrity Fight Night XII (03/18/2006)

    She looks really good....I just wish she would have taken some oil blotting sheets with her or something. Blech
  14. Re: Rod Stewart has begged Penny Lancaster not to go on a diet

    Well, I think she looks good. I mean, it wouldn't hurt anyone to tone up, but she's not got that baby bulge that so many of us girls do after we have a baby.
  15. Re: Brad Pitt's Family: Marry Angelina Jolie Now

    And come on, he's the legal father to all of those kids. She can't just up and take them away from him. He has rights no matter what their marital status is.
  16. Re: Britney Spears in Hotpants at the Four Seasons Hotel, Hawaii (03/07/2006)

    OK, first of all, she should not ever wear anything like these shorts again. That is just wrong in each and every way possible...:barf:
    Secondly, she shouldn't be parking in a handicap spot, there...
  17. Re: Jennifer Lopez at the Dolce Gabbana Party (02/23/2006)

    She looks like a Barbie factory reject...ugly and all plastic.
  18. Re: Anna Nicole Smith Appears at the US Supreme Court (02/28/2006)

    ^^^The lipstick is rediculous.

    And what is she doing wasting the Supreme Court's time? Like she's going to get any money. Give it up!
  19. Re: Christina Aguilera previewing her new album on TRL (02/2?/2006)

    I just wish her "red" lipstick wasn't so orange.
  20. Re: Britney Spears on the Will & Grace set looking pregnant (02/25/2006)

    Well, her stomach looks just like mine and I'm 4 months pregnant. So I have a hard time believing she's just fat. Especially since she was skinnier 2 months ago than she is now.
  21. Re: Katrina victims in Kentwood, LA blast Britney Spears

    I think it's stupid to say one specific place needs help. The entire Gulf Coast needs help. Not just one specific city, town, or parish. People are still living in tents and in apartments with no...
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    Re: Kevin Federline: 'I'm a good husband'

    Go away, you dirtbag.
  23. Re: George Clooney plays down friendship with Brad Pitt

    I've seen them in interviews together, and I don't believe for one minute they're just "showbiz friends". They had way too much fun and got along too well to just barely know each other.
  24. Re: High Qualities of Katie and Tom Cruise in Sydney Harbour (02/17/2006)

    I don't think there's much denying she's pregnant. I looked just like her right before my daughter was born and it was NOT pleasant for me at all. I was so swollen. Funny thing is though, even...
  25. Re: Dita Von Teese performs at British Harper's Bazaar Magazine Launch Party (02/16/2006)

    ^^^I was thinking the exact same thing.
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