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  1. He's not smiling because he just saw Reese and...

    He's not smiling because he just saw Reese and wishes he still had her! :)
  2. Re: Did you watch The Wedding of the Century 25 years ago?

    I watched it live with my mum. I really only remember a couple things...I remember seeing her walk down the aisle with her long train behind her and thinking I want that too! :) I was only 3! :)
  3. Re: Victoria Beckham does what she does best: shopping (08/09/2006)

    I don't mind the hair but she has been wearing the same grey skinny jeans the last couple posts I have seen of her....time for a change, Vic! :)
  4. Re: Cameron Diaz leaves a sound studio in Los Angeles (08/06/2006)

    Woah! Look at her scowl in the last pic! She doesn't come across as a very nice person!
  5. Re: Victoria Beckham leaving the hairdressers with long hair (08/02/2006)

    WHAT?!?! She just got that hair cut about 2 days ago.....Yeah the long hair looks good on her but I liked the short cut too....and I would think she would need more time away from her extensions...
  6. Re: Elisha Cuthbert at the Victoria's Secret party (08/01/2006)

    She looks really cute here!!
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    Re: Joss Stone out & about in NY (08/01/2006)

    I see she is still wearing the skirts that touch the floor....does she own anything else?
  8. Re: A bobbed Victoria Beckham leaving J Skeeky's Restaurant in London (08/01/2006)

    I love her new hair style. It's something different and much healthier than all the hair extensions!
  9. Re: Victoria Beckham wearing sexy swimsuit on Cavalli's yacht (07/2?/2006)

    That bathing suit doesn't look quite right :-S ..I think she would have looked better in a two piece.
  10. Re: Penelope Cruz out & about in Saint Tropez (07/31/2006)

    Pretty! Especially the third pic on the bottom row.
  11. Re: Kylie Minogue at Sadlers Wells theatre in North London (07/21/2006)

    I love glad she's feeling better!!!!!
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    Re: Tina Fey at the TCA Press Tour (07/22/2006)

    I like her..she is really funny...I hope her new show goes well in the Fall
  13. Re: Victoria Beckham on Cavalli's yacht frolicking and making out with David (07/24/2006)

    I think it looks like they are having a great time! Wish I had been invited! :)
  14. Re: Kelly Rowland at the premiere of Miami Vice (07/20/2006)

    Did she get a boob job? Her boobs look bigger now then in her Destiny Child days
  15. Re: Sofia Vergara strolling in SoHo (07/15/2006)

    Yeah, who is she?
  16. Re: Jim Carey and Jenny McCarthy leaving Takao, California (07/??/2006)

    If they had a baby they would spawn the MOST ANNOYING kid ever!:'(
  17. Re: Alyssa Milano goes to launch with Nick Lachey at Sky Bar (07/??/2006)

    Manillo or Milano???!!! He's dating two girls with almost the same last name! :lol:
  18. Re: Mary-Kate Olsen at the Opening of Waist Down Skirts by Miuccia Prada (07/13/2006)

    ARG!!! I'm going to have nightmares now! She looks way scary in these pics!
  19. Re: Halle Berry, Famke Janssen & Hugh Jackman at X-Men Press Conference (07/13/2006)

    Yea.. Hugh has SUCH a sexy smile! :drool:
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    Re: Keira Knightley says she is not anorexic

    Amen on that! I can't stand that pout of hers!:rolleyes:
  21. Re: Victoria Beckham's new Hebrew tattoo (07/07/2006)

    Those shorts looks uncomfortable!
  22. Re: Audrey Tatou at the Chanel Haute Couture Fashion Show in Paris (07/06/2006)

    She was in the Da Vinci Code
    She's great! I love her films! And she always looks cute!
  23. Re: Victoria Beckham out and about (06/2?/2006)

    I really like that dress! Lovely red colour!
  24. Re: David Beckham and family leaves Baden Baden and arrives in England (07/2/06)

    I don't think that her appearance has changed so much.....Except for the boob job and the hair can still tell she is Posh from the Spice Girls if you looked at an older pic of her....
  25. Re: Keira Knightley At Radio 1 BBC in West London (07/03/2006)

    What? No fake pout?!?! Can't stand her!
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