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    Re: Nick Lachey: "I don't understand women"

    Were not from a different planet..

    And your ex Jess was so totally dumb.. don't even pretend...:rofl:
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    Re: Lil' Kim has gotten fat in prison

    Holy FK! :huh?:
  3. Re: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt want to adopt an older child

    her desperation to have such a large family could be that she never felt love as a child. Now she wants to save the world. Admirable but holy poopers... she just HAD a baby! Sloooow down chickie :P
  4. Re: Is Suri Cruise L. Ron Hubbard reincarnated?

  5. Re: Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) Arrested For Drunk Driving

    I have lost my respect for Chad. :'(
  6. Re: Rosie O'donnell:"Star Jones thinks she's Beyonce"

    Me too! :P
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    Re: Rapper Lil' Kim's Early Release

  8. Re: Britney Spears poses naked for magazine, but naked Kevin did not make the cut

    Why does she want everyone to think that her body has no stretch marks or cellulite or even skin that has lost its elasticity.. Thats what happens when you have a baby. I find it hard to believe that...
  9. Poll: Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Friendship Poll!

    Should they become friends again? Should the show force them to deal with their fued and work together? 0:)
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    Re: Kirstie Alley (or is it Jabba?)

    Someone totally photo shopped her head onto someone elses body. Im not saying that she isnt that large but the face doesnt match :rofl:
  11. Re: Heath Ledger cried after being squirted with water

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    Re: R. Kelly's sex tape to become public

    I hope people get thrown in jail just for downloading it. Its child porn no matter how you look at it. Very sick indeed. :(
  13. Re: Paris Hilton repeatedly parks in handicap space

    It was not a mistake. She parked there because she IS handicapped. She is retarded. Some body please give her a damn gimp sign to put on her car :lol:
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    Re: Billy Ray Cyrus aims to revive the mullet

    He can have his mullet back. I just hope he goes into hiding. No one wants to see that. The mullet has got to be the most awful hair style. Its almost INSULTING to wear it because its sterotyping...
  15. Re: Brad Pitt May Not Be The Father, Says Angelina Jolie

    Brad is the father.. cause if he isnt.. then the baby she just had from her vagina was adopted :rofl:
  16. Re: Skinny Teri Hatcher insists 'I never diet'

    If she doesnt diet.. then she doesnt eat LOL. I believe thats called anorexia. :(
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    Re: Naomi Campbell trying for a baby

    Im sorry but the way she is.. that baby will be on the news. Once the baby cries his head off she will shake it to death :'(
  18. Re: Marc Anthony celebrates Jennifer Lopez in newspaper advertisement

    Indeed :rofl:
  19. Re: Jessica Alba's Anxiety Triggered By Birthday Surprise

    I kinda think she is right. 200 balloons? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh :'(
    She can give them to me :kiss:
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    Re: Hilary Duff's Transformation

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    Re: Guess the celeb cellulite!

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    Re: Team this or that

    I hate the "team" crap too. its just too much. GO TEAM BRADGELINA :rofl:
  23. Re: Does Sean Preston Federline/Spears have a dent in his head?

    OMG. I sure hope that hole was made with photo shop or something. You do have to give her credit for one thing and that is always being with her baby. u rarely see her without him. :)
  24. Re: Reese Witherspoon with her daughter and baby bump (?) on the beach (05/29/2006)

    LOL I think Ryan is happily taken LOL :nerd:
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    Re: Hilary Duff's Transformation

    I dont think she has a chin implant :rofl:
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