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  1. She is a classic case of too much, too soon, too...

    She is a classic case of too much, too soon, too young. She is clearly deluded from all the drugs and drink if she thinks she can drive a sports car at 5am without crashing - she has trouble enough...
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    It's amazing what can be done with Photoshop

    It's amazing what can be done with Photoshop
  3. Re: Jennifer Aniston leaves her New York Hotel (05/25/2006)

    I think she looks really good. She has a hot body and wears very classic clothes which suit her, much better than seeing some old hag dressed up in tiny t shirt, spray on skinny jeans and a trout...
  4. Re: Lindsay Lohan at Parasuco store opening (05/18/2006)

    Considering the amount of money she has to spend on clothes, stylists etc she never looks very polished and her skin tone is so uneven. I do feel a bit sorry for her after the Brandon Davis video...
  5. Re: Jessica Simpson goes to lunch with Victoria Principal (05/21/2006)

    You mean she should get another one, I'm sure she's had her nose tweeked a couple of times already.
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    Re: Big Brother UK

    Sadly I did watch the first Big Brother last night and they all seem like a bunch of freaks as usual. I thought it was funny how everyone thought Bonnie's name was Bonnuh. If that Pete guy really...
  7. Re: Charlotte Church as Vivian Leigh in 'Gone With the Wind' - Walkers Chips - April

    I saw her in this advert the other day and she certainly looks like she has indulged in a few free packets.
  8. Re: Chloe Sevigny spends the day at the beach with a boy (04/??/2006)

    "And my shlong is thissssssssssssssss big"
  9. Re: Marc Jacobs and his rented gay boyfriend Jason Preston (03/??/2006)

    So the guy in the specs is Marc Jacobs? He looks like he'd smell of BO :(
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    Re: Did I Have a Nose Job??

    I say, yes you did.
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    Re: Victoria Beckham--Vanidades

    I wish this excuse for a woman would just vanish, she has enough money and is banging Beckham so she should just go away and leave us in peace. She always looks like an awkward crackwhore in her...
  12. Re: Fairuza Balk at the Reel Lounge benefit gala (03/01/2006)

    I have no idea who/what she is but someone needs to tell her to keep her trap shut, those gums and teeth are scary !
  13. Re: Victoria Beckham at Real Madrid Press Conference (03/02/2006)

    She looks like a pig in a wig :snicker:
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    Re: 50 Cent [Musician]

    He looks like a retarded monkey, his eyes just seem dead.
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    Re: Serena Williams scary boobs.

    Sexy chest acne too. You could park your bike between those boobs :barf:
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