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  1. Re: Angelina Jolie and Maddox go to a toy store (03/30/2006)

    I started the campaing "adopt me, angelina jolie" so long time ago. I wanna travel all over the world and have money to do nothing all day long.

    madd is pure cuteness (and I even dont like kids...
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    Re: Charlize Theron back with boyfriend?

    he arrives later while the oscar cerimony was going on and sat beside her. he just was late because he was filming in canada. what the hell.....
  3. Re: Jennifer Love Hewitt Denies Wilmer Valderrama Sex Claims

    maybe she got upset cause he just gave her an eight.

    she sure sure looks like someone that thinks should receive a 10.
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    Re: Celebrities manipulate Gossip Magazines

    maybe it is, but in all jolie's thread, jen and the supposed cheat is brought up as well.

    is this about jolie? this exactly what I mean when I say people judge her by her looks. this is so...
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    Re: Angelina Jolie's Subservient Pull Toy

    isn't his kids as well?
    isn't all women dream to have their guy enjoying her hobbies, dreams, whatever?
    doesn't love transform people?
    isn't she pregnant after saying she didn't want to have a...
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    Re: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Fighting!!!

    yeah, but some people don't want to remember that. they prefer to make acid comments. it makes them feeling better.

    WOW! thanks Karizma!

    Team-Karizma :)
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    Re: Brad and Angelina Fighting!!!!!!!!

    excuse me, but which career sucks? are you talking about angie? could you please take a look at her pay check and the recent big productions she1s been?

    what is sane? I don't know any sane person...
  8. Re: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Erase Jennifer Aniston From Memory

    so the story about brad cheating on aniston with jolie is like.... true right?? my god, it's a pity because jen and brad's marriage was so perfect, they were truly america's sweethearts!!
  9. Re: Katie Holmes spends 8 hours a day at Scientology church

    this must be the high point in stupidity: you pay to get brainwashed.
  10. Re: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Erase Jennifer Aniston From Memory

    excuse me, you have no prove angie shattered any marriage. just because brad was married at the time, doesn't mean it wasn't already shattered. if you are to believe that the had an affair because...
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    Re: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes still broken up

    there are many ways to prevent a person leave the relationship and i'm sure tommy-boy can come up with the most inventive.

    depending on her state of alienation when she agreed to be his beard...
  12. Re: Amanda Bynes at the MTV TRL Awards (02/21/2006)

    I think this chick is weird.
  13. Re: Paris Hilton Flashing her Panties at Tao, last weekend (2/18/2006)

    I think it's the back of her dress. at least she is sitting at some of it. I saw the other day she was wearing that dress (the pic it appears she has a bump)

    the girl below her (is that nicky?)...
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    Re: Still Clinging to Love

    what about claire danes and that dude of hers
  15. Re: Tom Cruise plans to leave Katie Holmes at home

    so, he will be AT LEAST present when the baby is born?

    what an ass.
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    Re: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes still broken up

    what you mean icepik? there can be contracts for all kinds of deals. and apparently in hollywood marriage is a deal. where else would you have a bunch of freaks pretending so hard to keep the image...
  17. Re: High Qualities of Katie and Tom Cruise in Sydney Harbour (02/17/2006)

    ^^^ oh my... when you think he can`t get worse.... the midget has an ugly body. when it comes to tommy-boy, beware what your eyes see, everything can be a lie. also, looks like he was in the sun all...
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    Re: Paul Walker urges stars to leave Hollywood

    he's learning.
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    Re: Tom Cruise to sue Andrew Morton?

    I think the leading man is more for guys. tommy-boy is mostly in action movies. I don't think guys will want to see a movie that the action hero is gay. plus, a lot of people is just not open to the...
  20. Re: Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling at the Scientific and Technical Awards (02/18/2006)

    oooh I love ryan. is he doing a new movie? I see he shaved and he never does that if it isn't for a role.
  21. Re: Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston settle divorce details

    bruce almighty was about jim carrey, not jen mrs.brad pitt aniston.

    yeah, jim carrey and ben stiler show here as well. most of movies show overseas, you wouldn't believe what is the hollywood...
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    Re: Cameron Diaz inches from death

    he saves her life and the bitch didn't even ask his name?
  23. Re: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt booked room in French hospital for their baby's birth

    the child can have a french birth certificate and then when they go back to america, they could ask for an american one because both brad and angie are americans. so, it would have double...
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    Re: Brokeback Mountain

    I saw it today and actually I didn't like it that much. I thought it was a bit boring. I think they could had done it in much less time and that they could had emphasized in other things, such as the...
  25. Re: A pregnant Angelina Jolie still takes flying lessons (02/17/2006)

    she is enjoying life, she is flying. so she must stay at home eating and getting fat? pregnant is not a desease. I don`t know why people in this forum tend to give all this "advices" to pregnant...
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