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    Re: Lindsay Lohan desperate to be sexier

    The stunning actress - who is desperate to shed her party girl image - confessed: "I'm OK with being topless in front of people, but I'm not sure if I'd want to do it on screen.

    What exactly is...
  2. Re: Britney Spears leaving the Hudson Hotel in New York City (05/08/2006)

    I dunno about anyone else, but after I pushed out an 8-lb child, there's no WAY my husband was coming anywhere near the honeypot in time for me to have another baby the next calendar year! I thought...
  3. Re: Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Out in LA (05/05/2006)

    Ditto. Even when I wore nursing pads, I'd leak through them AND the bra AND the shirt. I'm sure lactation is different for every woman, but come on. Before you know it, Tom'll have her dragging...
  4. Re: Denise Richards allegedly bans Charlie Sheen's parents from seeing grandkids.

    For someone that started out with a certain amount of public support, she certainly has screwed the pooch in a very short amount of time. If her current behaviour is any indication of what it was...
  5. Re: Courtney Love forced to sell Nirvana's rights because she's broke

    It's hard to be not famous and broke, too, you arrogant bitch.
  6. Re: Kate Holmes and Tom Cruise at MI 3 LA Premiere (05/04/2006)

    Well, of course she's tired, she already had a toddler to take care of. The only difference between Tom and an actual toddler is that with a toddler, you have to make sure they don't stick forks in...
  7. Re: Stavros Niarchos' lovesick crying tantrum / Paris Hilton's ex begs in the street

    Are these pix supposed to be of his tantrum? They look more like an itchy, vomiting, sedated person. If I had his bucks, my tantrums would involve exposives and vandalism and nudity - his is pretty...
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    Re: Tom Cruise Inspires New Law in California

    "She's a beauty--it's crazy," Cruise told his host. "Kate and I can't take our eyes off of her."

    He seems to have been able to take his eyes off of her long enough to race around the globe...
  9. Re: Pamela Anderson picks up her son in Malibu (04/30/2006)

    Why is she dressed for a biohazard cleanup?
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    Re: Katie Holmes signs 22 million pre-nup

    I'd like to think that Katie's been playing him all along, stringing this out til she got her $$, and that now she's gonna go public with, "Ha-ha, I fooled you all, I thought Co$ was bullshit all...
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    Re: Paris Sings to her "New Boyfriend"

    Just because they were kissing doesn't make them a couple. Where Paris is concerned, sucking his cock on national television and then sodomizing him with a strap-on wouldn't constitute couplehood. ...
  12. Re: Britney Spears' former nanny speaks on Sean Preston's accident

    Even if it was the nanny's fault (which I don't believe), this baby is apparently left lying around on all sorts of high surfaces that he subsequently tumbles off - wasn't his skull fracture supposed...
  13. Re: Holy Shi*! Tom Cruise really does having a learning disorder.

    :lol: :rofl: :lol: :rofl:
  14. Re: Holy Shi*! Tom Cruise really does having a learning disorder.

    If he's not an untreated bipolar, he's missing a good chance.
  15. Re: Tom Cruise tells fans of his plans to change Katie Holmes into his ideal woman

    Has it occurred to anyone else that maybe we haven't seen KATIE out and about because she's flat on her back, suffering from untreated postpartum depression and unable to function?
  16. Re: Charlie Sheen launches his kids clothing line - Sheen Kidz (04/27/2006)

    He ought to put his name on a children's line of works - kid-sized syringes and spoons and those little plastic squeaky books that you can take in the bath, only instead of having pictures of Elmo in...
  17. Re: Denise Richards Urged Heather Locklear To File For Divorce

    It really makes me question Denise's taste in men, too. Not that Charlie was such the prize, but Richie just looks like a fetal pig.
  18. Re: Gina Gershon at Vanity Fair's annual TriBeCa Film Fest Party (04/26/2006)

    Loved her in Bound.
  19. Re: Jennifer Lopez In Talks with MTV For Reality Show On Her Life

    Looks like she's not so much loving the reclusive life.
  20. Re: Christy Turlington & Ed Burns at Tribeca Film Festival-Vanity Fair Party (04/26/2006)

    She forgot her merit badges.
  21. Re: Mickey Rourke at Tribeca Film Festival-Vanity Fair Party (04/26/2006)

    He looks like a burn victim - like he got really fucked up by accident, and this was the best they could do fixing him.
  22. Re: Mickey Rourke at Tribeca Film Festival-Vanity Fair Party (04/26/2006)

    Maybe with an anvil.
  23. Re: Michelle Rodriguez Blames Steroids for Bad Behavior

    Umm, Michelle, you were arrested for drunk driving, not steroid driving.

    And I'm just a regular poor person, and when I got 2 DWIs right in a row a few years ago, it didn't bankrupt me. I'll...
  24. Re: Jennifer Love Hewitt at US Weekly's Hot Hollywood Awards (04/26/2006)

    I used to think she was really attractive, but these days, she's just looking worse and worse.
  25. Re: Jessica Alba (Nip Slip!) at US Weekly's Hot Hollywood Awards (04/26/2006)

    At least she noticed her tit was hanging out and covered up, instead of letting it wave in the breeze a la Tara Reid.
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