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  1. Re: Sarah Ferguson (Duchess of York) - bad or good PS?

    Aw, HELL to the no!! :'( :barf: :eek:
    She doesn't even look like herself! How do you think these people feel when the bandages come off and the swelling goes down? Do they freak and have the...
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    Re: Angelina Jolie feeling mommy stress

    Just like so many other celeb moms who have pretended to do everything themselves (Julia Roberts, Slutney, Kelly Ripa, ad nauseum) you know damn good and well she has hired help: fleets of nannies,...
  3. Re: Britney Spears says no to Kleenex tissues deal

    Is this for real?? If it's not, it's damn funny. :snicker:
    If it is, well... what the devil was Kleenex thinking?!?!? :confused:
  4. Re: Britney Spears, Kevin Federline and Sean Preston at the beach (06/15/2006)

    I'm betting anything they put NO sunscreen on that poor baby: I saw another pic of him with a sunburn!
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    Re: Fifi Trixibelle Geldorf is porking up

    She's the prettiest one, hands down. They're all still young and will doubtless change in weight and appearance a number of times before they're all grown.
    I hope the skinny little ones get some...
  6. Re: Drag queen bringing down the house(s) with Tom Cruise act.

  7. Re: Gillian Anderson (X-files) files for divorce

    I know a few straight women who'd be willing to go over to the other camp for her... :drool: :party: :cool:
  8. Re: Michael Douglas: 'I'd rather be a good dad than a movie star'

    But he'd rather be SUPREME RULER OF THE UNIVERSE than anything. :$$: :barf: :huh?:
  9. Re: Melania Trump thrilled with "easy" pregnancy

    But likely not for long. I'm surprised she hasn't already been under the surgeon's knife!
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    Re: Sharon Stone: 'I'm just a great actress'

    Oy! She's had one too many face-crankings and it's damaged what little brain she had left.
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    Re: Tom Jones: 'I can't count my flings'

    If ol' Tom brought home all the "gifts" his fans threw at him on stage, Mrs. Tom wouldn't ever have to wear the same pair of panites twice!! I can't bring myself to believe he gets many offers these...
  12. Re: Director quits 'Dallas' movie because unhappy with casting choices

    Aw, damn, I can't believe I wrote that! I've always loved her and know damn well she died more recently. Just thinking about how they cast June Lockhart (or some other equally white bread bore) in...
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    Re: Stuntman sues Tom Criuse over injuries

    It's a shame it didn't happen to Tiny: loss of consortium wouldn't change anything in HIS life!!!
  14. Re: Director quits 'Dallas' movie because unhappy with casting choices

    The perfect cast for "Dallas" has already been assembled... ON THE ORIGINAL SHOW! WHY, WHY, WHYYYYYY do we need this movie???? Hell, I hated it when they recast Miss Ellie after Barbara Bel Geddes...
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    Re: Catherine Zeta-Jones is Scary!

    Pregnancy yes, but I doubt a baby's mouth ever got near that bitch's nipples. Someone selfish enough to smoke while heavily pregnant isn't going to go to the trouble of breast-feeding, IMO. Her...
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    Re: Slash AKA Saul Hudson [Musician]

    I volunteer!! (I love that hair.) Yes, indeedy! He is a very guilty pleasure.
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    Re: Liam Neeson [Actor]

    No, dammit! I was just kidding about going AWOL and all. Also, I need to keep a cool exterior about this: HubNoir and I get nearly all rentals from Netflix, so I just ordered it from there. With any...
  18. Re: Sharon Stone considers baring all for Playboy again

    BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who IS that, anyway???
    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
    And Sharon? Aw, HELL to the no!!!
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    Re: Proud to be a...

    Pamela Anderson: Proud to have her plasticized, burned-to-a-crisp, pornographized hide plastered all over the world for her sons and all their little friends to see.
  20. Re: Celebs you find so ugly that you can't understand how others can find them beauti

    Jennifer Fug Hewitt always looks as if she's wearing a "Patty Hearst Bank Robbery" wig.
    And Penelope Cruz?

    Hey, this is fun! >:)
  21. Re: Celebs you find so ugly that you can't understand how others can find them beauti

    I guess this one could be considered a celeb. Allow me to present the Ugliest Man Who Ever Lived:
    Since I first laid eyes on Pete Rose, everything...
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    Re: Liam Neeson [Actor]

    <Goes AWOL from work to race out to the video store!!! :P >
  23. Re: Amanda Lepore at 17th Annual GLAAD Media Awards (03/27/2006)

    That's Stephen Baldwin with her, right?? ;) :rofl: :kiss: :P :shh: :snicker: >:)
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    Liam Neeson [Actor]

    What, no Liam???
    I have come to appreciate him only recently. With the broken nose, he's just odd enough looking to appeal to those of us who are attracted to flawed beauty. Also, he's one huge hunk...
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    Re: Jordan's beauty tips for new mums

    Considering how matted and stringy her own hair looked in pics of a recent book signing, she hasn't any room to talk. So many people seem to think, as they do about Pamela Anderson, "Hmm, well, yes...
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