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    Win a pair of diamond earrings

    Hey, you can win a pair of diamond and blue topaz earrings in a Jane Magazine giveaway ... the earrings are worth $380. The link to the contest is here:
  2. Re: Elsa Pataky at the Snakes On A Plane premiere (08/17/2006)

    Brody isn't manorexic, he's on the slim side but looks totally normal in person.
  3. Re: Elsa Pataky at the Snakes On A Plane premiere (08/17/2006)

    Thanks! She looks great.
  4. Re: Brad Pitt arrives in New York alone (02/22/2006)

    Never thought he was good-looking except in Thelma and Louise. Now he's plain fugly.
  5. Re: My friend met Brad, Angelina and Maddox yesterday!

    Cool story, thanks for sharing.
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    Re: Jennifer Aniston fearing 40!

    I'm not exactly excited to turn 40 myself. Aging is way better than the alternative, but I'm not all "Yay!" about the number.
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    Re: Sharon Stone Loses Her son for a year

    Bizarre! Poor kid. If it's true.
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    Re: Best Small Dogs?

    Ha! Reminds me of the time I was walking my younger Peke and we went past a pit bull and I sort of pulled her closer to me. The woman with the pit said nastily, "He's a friendly dog." And I said,...
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    Re: Kate Moss treated by neurologist?

    Last time I went to a specialist, I actually waited three hours for a 10 minute consultation. :(
  10. Re: Angelina Jolie chooses godmother: Jenny Shimizu

    Who do I have to bribe to stop the endless reporting on Brangelina. I'm so over them! They need to retire to the French countryside or something. The overexposure is insane.
  11. Re: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas and the kids on the beach in St Barths 2/5

    Well, it's true!
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    Re: Best Small Dogs?

    Well, I'm partial to Pekes, which are very much like long-haired pugs. I love pugs too but I got both of mine from the pound and I happened to find Pekes before I found pugs. Then my sister got a...
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    Re: Mariah Carey lashes out at fashion critics

    I like that she just does her own thing. It's not a look I would want to have, but I like her attitude.
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    Re: Keely Shaye Smith - Pierce Brosnan's wife

    Very thoughtful post (and easy to follow). Good luck with getting that "ass in gear." :) You can do it!
  15. Re: Tom Ford and Carolyn - Black and White Photoshoot

    As much as I dislike Tom, I have to admit that I think he's better-looking than Piven.
  16. Re: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony having a girl?

    That's cruel.
  17. Re: 02/06 Gwen Stefani with husband

    She looks great!
  18. Re: Tonya Harding on her illness, weight gain, and the future

    I also took it for lung issues and it really is terrible for weight, I escaped the worst of it but I know people who have really had it bad. Sorry you are still having to take it.
  19. Re: Naomi Watts at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2/4

    She has normal colored teeth; they are just not insanely white and distracting Hollywood Chiclet teeth. And, for a change in H'wood, she's gotten as far as she had on talent more than looks. That...
  20. Re: More of Angelina Jolie, Brad, and the kids in Germany 2/3

    LOL! You are confusing her with Katie Holmes, I think! :party:

    But Johnny chooses to live a quiet life in a low-key place. He's a big star but not inviting a lot of attention at this point in...
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    Re: Nicole Richie looking like Star Jones

    I just saw her at the Marc Jacobs show...her body was covered up, but her face looked absolutely fine to me. I was surprised.
  22. Re: Fairuza Balk backstage at Naeem Khan fashion show 2/5

    Ooh, this hair is awful.
  23. Re: Jennifer Aniston Thinks Angelina Jolie Has Brad Pitt Whipped


    My personal version of this didn't involve the guy moving on to another relationship so fast; he was just a passive-aggressive asshole whose behavior kept getting more egregious until I...
  24. Re: Tonya Harding on her illness, weight gain, and the future

    I have known some people on prednisone who have gained 50 lbs or more incredibly quickly (ie, they clearly weren't on it long enough to eat themselves into that weight gain on their own). I used to...
  25. Re: Tonya Harding on her illness, weight gain, and the future

    Sad that she had some talent but was never able to escape her crappy background/upbringing.
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