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    Re: Tuesday Night Book Club

    I had to watch too because I also live in Scottsdale. And I'm not too surprised her marriage didn't work considering she's been dating a friend of mine on and off for two years!

    But I'm surprised...
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    Re: Will & Grace series finale

    Pretty much ditto to everything you said. I haven't really kept up but thought I'd watch it since it's the last episode EVER! I'm not sure if I liked it or not though. I can't really think of a...
  3. Re: Xbox 360 - Holy Cow! Check out these graphics

    I just bought my boyfriend an Xbox360. I'm not a big video game person, but I gotta admit the graphics are great!
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    Re: Lifetime Movies

    I love it too!!!!! It's also quite amazing how much success the 90210 girls have found on there too! You're guaranteed to see a Tori Spelling/Shannon Doherty/Tiffani-Amber Theissan movie on there at...
  5. Re: James Blunt dumps girlfriend who inspired 'You're Beautiful' hit

    Ditto to everyone saying he said it was an ex-girlfriend. I saw it on Oprah and read it in many magazines.
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    Re: Top Chef - from the folks at Project Runway

    Oh yeah, I had a question--is Tiffani a lesbian?? I swear I thought she said she was in the episode with the lesbian pastry chef but then in the gas station episode, I thought she mentioned her...
  7. Re: America's Next Top Model - Cycle 6 contestants!!

    No, you're not the only one. I agree 100%!

    Hate Jade, starting to hate Nnenna, and kind of starting to like Joanie. Glad she's gonna get her teeth fixed.
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    Re: Top Chef - from the folks at Project Runway

    I love it too!!! But Harold is my boyfriend Sojita! So you're left to pick from Miguel, Dave, and Stephen. Great choices, huh? And I pretty much agreed with your review of the last show. That is...
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    Re: So NoTorious

    Hehe, I actually kind of liked it too. But I'll be damned if I was going to be the first person to start the thread admitting to it!!! :D
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    Re: Inside Man

    I agree with everyone, the movie was good. But I never got the Clive love....until now! Now I would like to be referred to as Ms. Owen at all times. Hehehe.

    I want to know what questions you...
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    Re: Extreme Makeover = Extreme Exploitation

    That is very true, unfortunately my school did nothing like that. It would have been great if they did offer that though, my parents would have greatly appreciated.

    And it's true that some...
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    Re: Extreme Makeover = Extreme Exploitation

    I saw a girl on there that I went to high school with. The only thing is (and not saying this in a snobby way, but it's pertinent to the story), my high school was an exclusive college prep school. ...
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    Faith, the Biped Dog

    I just wanted to share this story I saw on Montel today. (Yes, I was watching Montel, but only because it was about special pets!) Anyway, they had a dog on who was born with 2 legs. The whole...
  14. Re: America's Next Top Model - Cycle 6 contestants!!

    I totally agree Frankie!!!! Joanie has a snaggle tooth to end all snaggle tooths. And Jade pisses me off to no extent.

    But for the record, I think Tyra really, genuinely cared what those girls...
  15. Re: America's Next Top Model - Cycle 6 contestants!!

    Well I didn't see that coming! Gina is so intelligent, poses excellent and photographs so well. :rofl:
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    Re: Post Your Pet Pics!!!

    Very cute Frank!!! However, now we have proof that you do have access to a camera so no more excuses on why you have no tat pics up!!!
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    Re: Top Chef - from the folks at Project Runway

    I'll jump aboard the Steven hate train. As long as it's ajoined to the Tiffani hate train.

    And I also must confess I have a Harold crush. I think it's already clear who the top 3 or 4 are. ...
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    Re: Driver plays PSP at wheel

    Ha! If it wasn't for the fact that I'm quite positive my boyfriend doesn't drive a bus, I would think this is him. He plays that freakin' thing all the time!
  19. Re: Britney Spears has quieted pregnancy rumours knocking back cocktails

    This doesn't say much. I also recall pictures of her throwing them back when she was pregnant the first time.
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    Re: What are your pets' fears?

    My poor little Fonzarelli is scared of a lot of things. He's scared of all the obvious---vacuums, thunder, blow dryers etc. but he's also terrified of little things (just to name a few) like wind,...
  21. Re: Someone shot this dog's face away! - You can help!

    I can't look either. I'm too scared too click on anything at all. But I want to know how to help too. Poor, poor doggie. This absolutely INFURIATES me. I would totally join you Tiki in killing...
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    Re: Sweatiest Cities in the United States

    Eww......I live in the sweatiest city---gross!!!!!!!!
  23. Re: What is a reputible home security system company, and ones to avoid?

    I'm in Arizona and we have ADT. They're reputable and it works well. Where in AZ are you?? My parents next door neighboors own one called Westec Security. I think it's smaller but they're good...
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    Re: Project Jay

    Jay did come off as very likable. And Heidi came off very unlikable. I'm surprised she allowed Bravo to depict her so badly. And the long pause and then saying, "I'll try" was an additionaly slap...
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    Re: What's Your Poison?

    When I go out I usually order Vanilla Stoli/Diet. There's a drink called Nuts and Berries that I love too. But it's more like a dessert drink. I don't end up drinking too much at home, if I do,...
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