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    Re: Kelly Clarkson needs breast implants (pics)

    Sorry everyone- my ever so offensive post has been removed to bother no one else- and don't worry about blocking my username flecjill..I think after this I'll move on to where people can actually...
  2. Re: Angelina Jolie gives birth to Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt

    Personally, I really like the name. It's pretty and unusual. I am really happy for them- they are a beautiful family. I wonder if Jennifer A. is cryin' in her wheaties tonight....

    -Heavenlee 0:)
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    Re: Clay Aiken's "new" look

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. Re: Name some Hollywood actors and actresses you SUSPECT are gay.

    Tom Cruise...the gentleman doth protest too much....
    And his "engagement" to Katie Holmes, and his over-the-top exultations about it, it just SCREAMS cover-up. It just creeps me out how how far he...
  5. Re: George Michael dedicates a song to single female fans who think he's straight

    ITA! I don't think I realized he was gay until he came out on his own. Hindsight is 20/20- I think about him during his Wham! days, and it's SO obvious. I don't think I fully developed my gaydar...
  6. Re: Jennifer Garner carrying daughter Violet in Cambridge (05/25/2006)

    She does look just like Jennifer...sooo cute!

  7. Re: Milla Jovovich out and about in London (04/28/2006)


    First thing I thought was she looked preggo, second was, OMG, the teeth...she looks like she never left the USSR...

    -Heavenlee 0:)
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    Re: Britney Spears crying in NYC (05/18/2006)

    I am no fan of Brit's, particularly as a mother (I just can't get past her driving with SP on her lap), but my heart is just breaking for her in this incident, especially since she seems so scared. ...
  9. Re: Rosario Dawson and Jason Lewis at the launch of Roberto Cavalli Vodka (05/11/2006

    ITA. It's shocking he's not gay. He's THAT hot.

    -Heavenlee 0:)
  10. Re: Britney Spears goes shopping with Sean Preston (05/09/2006)

    ITA re: Sean Preston...sooo cute. Brit looks OK, better than some recent pics...

    Love, Heavenlee 0:)
  11. Re: Brooke Shields in an Afro, at the 13th Annual Race to Erase MS (05/12/2006)

    Please tell me this was a costume party, or she's gone off the deep end...

    -Heavenlee 0:)
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    Re: Top Chef - from the folks at Project Runway

    He totally looks like he's got Downs Syndrome....big time. I really wondered about that.

    -Heavenlee 0:)
  13. Re: Kelly Clarkson having fun on the beach, Bahamas (04/16/2006)

    I STILL think she needs boobs- JMHO. If she doesn't think she needs them, more power to her, I'm glad she can be comfy with the way she is. I asked my husband what was the first thing that popped...
  14. Re: Kelly Clarkson having fun on the beach, Bahamas (04/16/2006)

    After seeing the BEFORE pics, I would TOTALLY support her decision to buy boobs. At least she's not as unfortunate as Claire Danes in the boob dept...but that's another thread.

    -Heavenlee 0:)
  15. Re: Kelly Clarkson having fun on the beach, Bahamas (04/16/2006)

    She looks great but is in desperate need of a boob job. I think it's great she likes who she is, but sometimes, PS is NECESSARY.

    -Heavenlee 0:)
  16. Re: Evolutionary time-warp family walks on all fours

    I don't think these people are some sort of "missing link", just inbred to the point of walking on all fours. I agree that marrying your sibling (while sick and wrong) probably wouldn't produce...
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    Re: Men want a 'say' in unplanned pregnancies

    This just really annoys me. If you want a foolproof way of not being a father, DON'T HAVE SEX. THAT'S the option. IF YOU HAVE SEX WITH SOMEONE, THERE IS ALWAYS THE POSSIBILITY OF PREGNANCY. Why...
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    Re: Celebrity weight loss before and after


    So true!!!!

    -Heavenlee 0:)
  19. Re: Martine McCutcheon losing weight and looking healthy

    I think she looks about the same size as in "Love Actually", and actually I love that movie, and her in it. And, incidentally I think she is perfect and gorgeous and hot just the way she is. I wish...
  20. Re: Kevin Federline putting his underwear on (03/0?/2006)

    I'm just glad we didn't have to be subjected to "Little Kevvy"
    And no offense to smokers, but the ciggy hanging out of his mouth just puts the whole look together, and not in a good way. I can...
  21. Re: Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's Apple with a Nanny (02/15/2006)

    I think she looks JUST LIKE Chris! Someone else said Chris and Gwyn look alike, I agree. BTW, I thought Gwyn didn't believe in nannies????

    -Heavenlee 0:)
  22. Re: Jake Gyllenhaal and Austin Nichols attend the Lakers Game [02/11/2006]

  23. Child Services alerted about Britney Spears driving with Sean Preston on lap

    TMZ says Social Services IS looking into it!

    -Heavenlee 0:)

    (Feb. 7) -- TMZ has learned the LA County Department of Chidren and Family...
  24. Re: Britney Spears driving with her baby on her lap

    I have one word to say: UNFIT.
    I don't care if the paparazzi scared you, you endangered Sean Preston 100 times more than a flashbulb popping in his face- social services should be called!
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    Re: Who's sick of oversalted, oversweet food?

    I actually rarely salt anything- I really like black pepper, and that goes on lots of things. I have to have salted frenchfries...umm, that's about it. I think that's why I have a sensitivity to...
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