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  1. Re: Kate Moss keeps away from class A drugs smoking cigarettes

    that's EIGHTY cigs a day. Even if you only sleep 6 hours a night, that's 4.5 cigs an hour, or one every 13 minutes, all day every day.

    god, i was a dedicated pack a dayer for 20 years, and the...
  2. Re: Britney Spears allegedly signed preliminary divorce papers

    WHAT? wow. i'm a southern girl, and this NEVER would have crossed my mind.

    that's so draconian.
  3. Re: Judge dismisses suit brought by Wal-Mart pharmacist

  4. Re: Bloody syringe found in plane bathroom; Pete Doherty blamed.

    it's injected into the vein. you get some blood pull-back into the syringe.
  5. Re: Lindsay Lohan to Brandon Davis: Video Apology, $250K Donation

    HAHA. i think this is brill...i only wish she'd asked for way more money from that asshat, as there's no way he can turn it down. HAHA.
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    Re: Where was your best holiday?

    har. sadly, nothing works for me on planes. i just end up drunk, exhausted, and still wide awake.

    flying to singapore was a disaster.
  7. Re: Bloody syringe found in plane bathroom; Pete Doherty blamed.

    correct me if i'm wrong, but flights originating in countries BESIDES the US are not quite as stringent?

    and truth be told, even in the US they dont catch a lot of things. there are ways to get...
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    Re: Where was your best holiday?

    god, hawaii is amazingly fab. it's SUCH a long way from the east coast, though. oy!
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    Re: Celebrities who have NOT aged well at all!

    melanie is frightening.

    i think la liz really needs to lay off the over-the-top hair, makeup, and clothes. she doesnt look BAD for her can still tell she's the same person, and her eyes...
  10. Re: Mischa Barton blasts her mother and calls her stupid

    i would never ever talk to my mom this way. i dont even know what my mother would DO because it's so out of the realm of possibility.

    truly wretched.

    i will say this though: mischie's mom or...
  11. Re: Pregnant Britney Spears Goes To Get Some Coffee (05/25/2006)

    man. everyone i know does Maternity By Target and looks totally pulled together, classy and great.

    sadly, i'm sure brit spent about 1000x the money too look like this. someone PLEASE tell this...
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    Re: Where was your best holiday?

    mexico/central america are on my list of places to go.

    to date, my favorite vaca was morocco. hands-down. beautiful, gracious, exotic, and DIRT cheap.
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    Re: Paris Hilton [Model]

    totally. she's incredibly average.
  14. Re: Tori Spelling spends the day shopping in Beverly Hills (05/28/2006)

    speaking of delish tori movies...anyone rememember "mother may i dance with danger?"

    hilarity! even the title is wretched.
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    Re: Denise Richards to marry Richie Sambora

    oooo. snap!
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    Re: Denise Richards to marry Richie Sambora

    bull pucky!
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    Re: Slash AKA Saul Hudson [Musician]

    wow. i've never seen him under all that hair, which is distracting to say the least.

    he's actually HOT. his mad talent doesnt hurt, either.
  18. Re: What does your house/flat/appartment/maisonette/cardboardbox look like?

    currently living in a shoe box, one bed one bath apartment for which i'm paying entirely too much money in north jersey.

    however, i am leaving TODAY to drive 10 hours with husband and look at...
  19. Re: Recent photos of Whitney Houston were just a disguise

    her disguise is a BAG LADY? hahahaha. a bag lady in a full length fur?
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    Re: Skinny Jeans and Leggings

    eh, trends come and go. i looked ADORABLE in skinny jeans and leggings 20 years ago, but you wouldnt catch me dead in them now.

    my mantra: just because they make it in your size doesn't mean you...
  21. Re: Howard Stern thinks Brandon Davis and Paris Hilton are Animals

    i personally think howard's E show is a gross misrepresentation of his radio show. and i dont think he's a misogynist (though i certainly did before i heard his show). i think he's an Equal...
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    Re: Sarah Ferguson enrages Victoria Beckham

    i've always had a soft spot for fergie, too.

    i think victoria's so insecure that she would misinterpret anyone who made eye contact with becks. perhaps fergie was being flirtatious, but REALLY.
  23. Re: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to Postpone the Wedding?

    i agree. i really dont think they're ever going to marry.

    and seriously...all jokes aside, is scientology really so effin serious? it's not like converting from catholicism to judaism.

  24. Thread: Do you eBay

    by merri

    Poll: Re: Do you eBay

    love ebay. i have only bought, but i need to start selling.
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    Re: Mel Gibson slams the Da Vinci Code

    ....resulting in such asinine comments as "wow. this changes everything i ever thought about catholicism".

    well, dear...if that's true, you obviously did not spend much time at all thinking about...
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