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  1. Mathew Knowles: Beyonce Would Never Be A Reality Show Judge

    Beyonce Would Never Be A Reality Show Judge
    by ILULU on MARCH 11, 2012

    There are a lot of things Beyoncé would do career...
  2. Chris Brown Accused Of Snatching Fan’s IPhone Outside Miami Club

    Posted: 02/23/2012 3:15 PM

    Singer Chris Brown snatched a fan’s phone after she took a photo of him outside the South Beach club Cameo, telling her emphatically that she would not...
  3. Topless Rihanna shocks Northern Ireland farmer *NSFW*

    Rihanna has been told to put more clothes on – by a farmer in Northern Ireland.

    DUP Alderman Alan Graham had allowed the...
  4. Solange Knowles Gets Weapon Pulled On Her By Police - Solange Knowles is extra pissy right now. And for good reason. She tweeted her outrage and disappointment...
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    Rihanna Saddened by her Father’s Betrayal

    Rihanna has been hurt before, but this time it was by someone she has known all her life. The singing sensation shares how...
  6. Halle Berry’s Half-sister says Halle Disowned her Black Family

    The estranged sister of actress Halle Berry recently spoke out about their...
  7. 'I feel like she's black' - Halle Berry on the...

    'I feel like she's black' - Halle Berry on the daughter caught in middle of bitter war of words with Gabriel Aubry

    By Daily Mail Reporter
    Halle Berry has said she considers her daughter Nahla,...
  8. Michael Jackson's hair stylist reveals his "Lace Front Wig"

    “The Hands That Touched A King” ~ Michael Jackson’s Stylist Reveals His Hair… [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

    Apr, 9 2010 | Written by ATLien
  9. Beyonce Accused of Stealing Songwriting Credits... Again!

    Internet sources are claiming that Beyonce is lying yet again about actually writing the tracks on her album I Am...Sasha Fierce. People were in an uproar during...
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    Halle Berry steps out with new mystery man

    As Halle Berry stepped out with her new mystery man last night, ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry has confirmed that the pair have parted company.
  11. Um, well... she's right. I guess we all know how...

    Um, well... she's right. I guess we all know how she feels about Rihanna too:
  12. 'Clueless' Star Stacey Dash: My Husband Beat Me

    Posted Apr 9th 2010 12:05AM by TMZ Staff
    Stacey Dash from "Clueless" claims her soon-to-be ex-husband beat her on multiple...
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    Will Smith turns down Marvin Gaye biopic

    April 4th, 2010 5:00pm EDT

    Will Smith has turned down the lead role in moviemaker Cameron Crowe's new Marvin Gaye biopic. The actor...
  14. Mathew Knowles: You ARE the Father! - Beyonce has a new half-brother

    Beyonce's Dad -- You ARE the Father |
  15. Taye Diggs shares a photo of his son Walker - AKA "Swirl"

    Actor Taye Diggs stopped by the Ellen Degeneres show yesterday. While at the show, Taye showed a picture of his six-month-old baby and spoke about why he has...
  16. Stacey Dash: "I had sex on the first date with all 3 husbands"

    Stacey Dash was a guest on Jamie Foxx’s Foxxhole Radio...
  17. Chris Brown is irrelevant and asking for his fans to help
  18. Solange Knowles chosen as new face of RIMMEL Cosmetics

    Solange doesn’t have to be an extra in her big sister’s L’Oreal commercials anymore. She’s got her own...
  19. Beyonce opens the "Beyoncé Cosmetology Center"

    Beyonce in Brooklyn, helping substance abusers

    NEW YORK — The president of Brooklyn has declared Beyonce an official...
  20. Naomi Campbell in trouble again: Assault on limo driver

    Naomi Campbell in trouble again: Cops hunt supermodel after assault on limo driver

    Cops are hunting for Naomi Campbell...
  21. Chris Brown Says Tiger Woods Deserves A Second Chance

    In an interview on the Mojo in the Morning radio show in Detroit on Wednesday, Chris Brown said he...
  22. Leona Lewis speaks about her recent encounter with racism

    Fame's taking a cruel toll on me: Leona Lewis on the vicious attack that shook her to the core | Mail Online

    "It's not the first time that Leona has suffered...
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    Here's part of the interview when Michael claimed...

    Here's part of the interview when Michael claimed that Blanket's mother was black...
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    She has the body of a 12 year old boy... Far from...

    She has the body of a 12 year old boy... Far from slammin.

    No denying her face is beautiful, though. That's it.
  25. Jamie Foxx 'in the running' to play Frank Sinatra

    A biopic based on the life of Frank Sinatra is on its way to the silver screen, but even the guy who "did it his...
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