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    Poll: Victoria's Secret Halter Jumpsuit: Love It or...

    Victoria's Secret Halter Jumpsuit: Love It or Hate It?

  2. Re: Supreme court to mull partial-birth abortion bans

    ^ Can you point out where? The only time she spoke out against anything was when the ban bus came rolling through here a few weeks ago. Other than that, she's done nothing even remotely...
  3. Re: Supreme court to mull partial-birth abortion bans

    That's not entirely fair. Since she's joined, Janice has never given any indication that she's a troll. She points out one suspect post and all of a sudden she's evil?
  4. Re: Claudia Schiffer at the Pre-Wimbledon Party (06/22/2006)

    I think I found the 103rd Dalmation!
  5. Re: The Pussycat Dolls performing at Wembley Arena (06/17/2006)

    Whoever their stylist is should be taken out into the street and shot.
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    Cruelty in Store at PetSmart

    Source: Helping Animals

    This is very sad, as I'm a regular PetSmart customer. I've never wanted to have a bird just because I think it's rotten to take them out of their habitats. I have...
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    Re: John Frieda Hair Glazers: Yay or nay?

    ^ That's what the Sebastian stuff tells you to do. I had the same experience with it that SVZ had.
  8. Re: Britney Spears with strange black hair (06/22/2006)

    I started noticing how broad her shoulders were when that Eminem's "Ass Like That" song had the lyrics "Britney Spears has shoulders like a man"!
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    Re: Ashlee Simpson - Elle UK - July 2006

    She's been looking a lot like her lately! I noticed that in my latest Marie Claire.
  10. Re: Anne Hathaway at a The Devil Wears Prada Screening (06/22/2006)

    What about Brokeback Mountain? And Havoc? Both are serious roles/movies.
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    Re: Katharine McPhee Reveals Eating Disorder

    I smell a publicity McStunt pulled by her crazy McFamily. Now the whole AI group is "all concerned about her" as they ready for their tour. News flash: American Idol isn't all about you, McFatass!
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    Re: Favorite Bath&Body Works stuff?

    B&BW carries a line called C.O. Bigelow, and they make the best lotions - my fave is the grapefruit.

    As far as their own line, I like the Coconut Lime Verbena and Mango Mandarin.
  13. Re: Faith Hill and Tim McGraw at Samsung's Four Seasons Of Hope Gala (06/22/2006)

    It's not that he's not tall enough (he's slightly taller than her with heels on, and she's 5'10 normally), equallydivded's right about his legs being stumpy.
  14. Re: Paris Hilton desperate to play at a British music festival

    I swear I will boycott Radio 1 forever if I find out she's at a music festival.

    A radio station down here, if in the off chance some stupid 11 year old requests her - ahem - song, will preface...
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    Re: Paris Hilton's no fur vow

    Well at least now I can say ONE good thing about her.
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    Re: Michelle Rodriguez...lesbian?

    I don't know if she is or not, but whatever she is scares the hell out of me!
  17. Re: Victoria Beckham leaves her hotel in Baden Baden, Germany on (06/20/2006)

    I think it's funny how if it weren't for VH1's Celebrity Kids and GR!, I would have no clue that she was still alive after the Spice Girls broke up.
  18. Re: Catherine Zeta Jones Visits a Welsh Hospital (06/20/2006)

    I thought it was Shohreh Aghdashloo for a second. They really look alike here:
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    Re: Scott Stapp comes clean

    From what my BF tells me, Creed were still performing for college crowds in Tallahassee (FL) ten years ago. I'm guessing this incident was no more than seven years ago.
  20. Re: Kate Moss terrified of Pete Doherty's book deal

    Wait, was that or was that not Kate Moss who was barfing at a concert last week? If this is cleaning up your act, I'd hate to see dirty!

    I like Kate and all, but she's never had that wholesome...
  21. Re: Nelly Furtado dropped hippy image for a sexier one

    Don't like her, never did, never will...dammit, now I cannot get that horrid "I'm like a bird" out of my head...stop punishing me, Nelly Furtado!
  22. Re: Philip Seymour Hoffman and girlfriend expecting second child

    I thought for sure he was gay...oh well, congrats I guess!
  23. Re: Orlando Bloom at the Superman Returns Premiere (06/21/2006)

    Is it weird to say I found him more attractive as an elf?
  24. Re: Popbitch: Which rock singer is back on heroin?

    That would suck if it were Richie Sambora - I have concert tix for July 10th!
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    Re: Nicole Kidman looking scary

    Before long, parents are going to tell their children that if they don't behave, Nicole Kidman will get them!
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