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  1. Rachel is such a man-stealing bitch. Monica is...

    Rachel is such a man-stealing bitch. Monica is gonna be so PISSED! :lol:
  2. Now that they're married, they can't testify...

    Now that they're married, they can't testify against each other.
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    Re: Celebrities who have NOT aged well at all!

    You're half right. In insurance, it's the OFFICE WORKERS who are ugly; the salesmen tend to be much more attractive, since they tend to be very self-confident and outgoing . I know this because I...
  4. Re: Jamie Foxx impresses Diddy by spending only $500 on party

    Yeah, but only if the people around you are all "ten out of ten". Let's see him throw a $500 party with no pretty girls allowed, and see how much fun they have! :lol:
  5. Re: Nelly Furtado opens up about bisexuality

    When a male rapper comes out saying that everyone (including him) is bisexual, THEN i'll believe it.
  6. Re: Lindsay Lohan leaves a beauty salon in Beverly Hills (04/0?/2006)

    She looks older because she has a thin face, and what little fat was there she melted away with her stupid crash dieting. Why don't these girls realize they look good with a few extra pounds on...
  7. Re: Mary-Kate Olsen at Lanvin Fall 2006 Collection luncheon (03/19/2006)

    She's starting to remind me of Chloe Sevigny.
  8. Re: Sharon Stone at the 'Basic Instinct 2' photocall in Paris (03/20/2006)

    The party's over Sharon, time to pack it in and call it a day.
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    Re: Tyra Banks tackles dolphin phobia

    Some phobia! It's not like she has to live with dolphins every day. Why not tackle a real-life phobia, like riding a subway car to and from work every day packed with smelly people? :P
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    Re: Kate Moss meets with policemen

    Cases like this are difficult for the police, when they have very little hard evidence to work with. It was very generous of Kate to take time out of her busy schedule to assist them in any way she...
  11. Re: Star Jones and Al Reynolds celebrate John Legends' Grammy Nominations

    But MonkeyMix, how can anyone with "skin the color of cooked butter" be ugly? :lol:
  12. Re: Carmen Electra asked to attend opera with foreign businessman

    Could it be that he plans to make an "indecent proposal" to her, a la Demi Moore and Robert Redford? ;)
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    Re: Star Jones at Booksigning

    It appears to be sliding down her skull. And look how big her upper eyelids are! I think she looks this way because she lost too much weight too quickly.
  14. Re: Mariah Carey, Dick Clarke, and Ryan Seacrest at New Year's Rockin' Eve

    Can Mariah stop posing for even five freaking seconds?
  15. Re: Ricky Martin and a muscular man frolick on the beach in speedos!

    Assuming that's his boyfriend, they're awfully similar looks-wise. He might as well just carry around a full-length mirror, it would amount to pretty much the same thing.
  16. Re: Catherine Zeta-Jones wants to become like Cher

    Put on a kabuki mask and a long black wig...voila, you're Cher!
  17. Re: Madonna used to lie to get in gay clubs

    It sounds like she's saying that gay men are freaks and outsiders. How dare she call me an outsider?!? :P
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    Re: Kirsten Dunst Sloppy Boobs

    The lower half of her face looks like that of a 50-year-old woman.
  19. Re: Catherine Zeta Jones, Michael Douglas & son in Aspen

    He looks like Bea Arthur in the second picture.
  20. Re: Kelly, Jack, & Sharon Osbourne shop at Prada

    Oooh, Kelly's a blonde now. THAT'S why she was unattractive before...because she wasn't a blonde. Yeah, that's it. She's just so hot now, right? Because blondes are always hot. Right? (Kind of...
  21. Re: Kevin Federline tells Britney Spears to divorce him

    Exactly when DID belief in karma become so universal? I've noticed it being mentioned more and more over the last few years. I don't subscribe to it at all. It certainly is nice when someone gets...
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    Re: Madonna anniversary spolit by jet

    Awww, I feel for the old gal; I can't tell you how many times I've had things spoiled when my private jet went on the fritz! :P
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    Re: White Actress Party

    What's the point of mentioning that it was a white actress, a foreign guy, etc? It's almost implying that white people aren't concerned about the welfare of black people, and will let them go off...
  24. Re: Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise ushering her into a car

    Just because she's (allegedly) pregnant, does it mean she's totally incapacitated? Tom is doing everything for her: holding back her hair so she can blow out candles on a cake, ushering her into...
  25. Re: Rachel McAdams @ Screening of The Family Stone 12/14/05

    The hair has got to go, but i LUV huh anyways. :D
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