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  1. Re: Who's heard the new Chili Peppers double album?

    Oh, yeah. They are totally songs that are fun to play loud with the car windows down. :)
  2. Re: Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale have a boy!!

    Unless you are one of the unfortunate ones to have a complicated delivery (there are sever tears that go from front to back, but they aren't very common) then a C-section is a million times harder to...
  3. Who's heard the new Red Hot Chili Peppers double album?

    I am LOVING IT. I've always really liked those guys. I've got it playing right now and the more I hear it the more I think John Frusciante is freakin' awesome.

    I keep replaying Storm in a Teacup,...
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    Re: Thomas Jane [Actor]

    *So* hot in The Punisher. Bad movie, but the black hair and broodiness worked for him......and me.:)
  5. Re: Heather Graham at Diesel Store Opening (05/18/2006)

    OMG, I remember that movie! I've seen it more than once *hanging head in shame*. I had a crush on Corey Haim back in the day *REALLY hanging my head in shame now*. But I was, like, ten years old.
  6. Re: Alexis Bledel at the CW Television Network Upfronts (05/18/2006)

    She just always look so fresh, young, and pretty....It kinda makes me want to hate her :P . But, for some reason, I just can't. Rory's too nice to hate.

    And as an aside, those two really do look...
  7. Re: Heather Graham at Diesel Store Opening (05/18/2006)

    Wasn't she poised to be the Next Big Thing/IT Girl around the time Boogie Nights came out?

    I guess one must resort to outfits like this when things don't pan out quite the way they'd hoped.
  8. Re: Britney Spears Feeds Sean Preston Federline Ice Cream

    LOL, it's true. Ice cream, yogurt, butter. Even soap...Anything you can make with regular milk you can do with breastmilk.

    I nurse my son, but I've never made anything with the milk. I'm very pro...
  9. Re: Britney Spears Feeds Sean Preston Federline Ice Cream

    Yep, what she said. ANYTHING other than bm or formula is a solid to a babe.
  10. Re: Britney Spears Feeds SPF Ice Cream

    True. Giving a baby foods that are allergenic, like nuts (which most ice cream flavors can contain traces of since the same machines are used to process all the different products) and dairy can...
  11. Re: Dennis Leary would rather shoot himself in the head rather than sleep with a man

    I agree, sort of. Anyone watch Rescue Me on FX? Now, Tommy Gavin (Dennis's character) is sexy to me. Sexy in a f'ed up, totally flawed, bad boy way. I'd do Tommy, but not Dennis...does that make...
  12. Re: Hilary Duff performs in Dublin (04/21/2006)

    :lol: Exactly.
  13. Re: Kevin Federline at PURE nightclub debuting his hip hop album (04/22/2006)

    Ewww. He looks like a skanky, skeevy, smarmy relative of Matthew McConaughey in this picture. :barf:
  14. Re: Jake Gyllenhaal falls in love with Mark Ruffalo (04/20/2006)

    "Jake Gyllenhall falls in love with Mark Ruffalo"

    Get in line behind me Jakey. :) Without the 'tache though please Mark.
  15. Re: A bruised Pamela Anderson with two mounties at a JUNO press conference (04/01/2006)

    Yep, I noticed those on her once while watching an old interview. They're birthmarks. Alteast that's my opinion. They look like it, and birthmarks can be odd like that. Either that, or she's had the...
  16. Re: Nicky Hilton and Kevin Connolly out and about in LA (03/0?/2006)

    I always recognize him because he's good friends with Leonardo DiCaprio. I was really into him back in the Titanic days and that kid was in just about every picture the paps took of Leonardo. Always...
  17. Re: Rihanna films her video for "S.O.S." (02/21/2006)

    Oh God, I hate that freakin' song. Tainted Love is such a great, fun song and it sucks to hear it being butchered like that.
  18. Re: Gwyneth Paltrow, The Screen Actors Guild Foundations Conversations

    Isn't that Lou Diamond Philips, the guy from LaBamba? Looks like it to me.
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    Re: Baby Violet (Jen and Ben's Baby)

    Whether it's Violet or not, babies look sooo cute when they're swaddled like that. :)
  20. Re: Katrina volunteers get Oprah's favourite things

    :rofl: No, I'm not a soccor mom, not yet anyway. I might be in a couple of years but I'm shooting for a hockey mom.

    I think it's annoying that Oprah thinks she's *introducing* all these things...
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    Re: Tom Cruise purchases sonogram machine

    Uh, okay. Did he hire a tech to come on board and do it for them whenever they want to see little Kiff? Because not just anyone can give an ultrasound and read the results acurately.

  22. Re: Is Jared Leto cheating on Lindsay Lohan?

    He's certainly been making the rounds lately. I don't get why all the girls think he's so hot. To me, his features are too soft and he seems like he acts a little weird just for the sake of...
  23. Re: Ricky Martin also likes golden showers...

    Ewwwww. :eek:

    Why on earth would you discuss that in a magazine? Why would you want it known? Why would you do it in the first place?

    To each his own, but....Oh, who am I kidding, I think...
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    Re: Bratz dolls too sexy?

    :lol: So true.

    You know those American Dolls have a whole thing going on. My friend's daughter has one and they have American Girl functions where you take your doll to lunch and they sit right...
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    Re: Paris believes in Santa Claus

    I agree, she probably thinks this is a cute little soundbite, it can't be for real.

    I saw an interview with her once and she didn't know what a washer was called. "You know, that thing that...
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