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  1. Re: Penelope Cruz lunches on the beaches of Martinez in Cannes (05/25/2006)

    i've said it before, and I'll say it again...she's a lucky bitch bc she has Matthew for a boyfriend...he's yummy :drool:
  2. Re: Ashlee Simpson shoots the video for "Invisible" (05/24/2006)

    i think she looks alot more like jessica now, almost a totally different person.
  3. Re: Penelope Cruz at "Volver" premiere in Cannes (05/19/2006)

    i dont think she's a good actress, and isn't all that, she gets to have sex with Matthew Mcconaughey...lucky bitch :(
  4. Re: Jessica Simpson goes to lunch with Victoria Principal (05/21/2006)

    ugh, what i can't understand is why she is always hanging out with that hairstylist of hers :roll:
  5. Re: Britney Spears Stumbles and Almost Drops Baby Sean Preston (05/18/2006)

    i bet its not water in that glass..perhaps miss spears-ferderline was a bit tipsy :roll: I too think she should start acting/dressing like a mother and stop acting like she is still the bubble-gum...
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    Penelop Cruz' baby bump? (03/13/2006)

    Speculations of Penelope being pregnant may very much be true, in this recent photo, she seems to have a bump, hmmm.
    (photo taken from OK! magazine)
  7. Re: Matthew Mcconaughey at the "Failure to Launch" New York Premiere (03/08/2006)

    :drool: I hate that I have to wait another week to see this new movie..Damn he looks good :drool:
  8. Re: Penelope Cruz not oscar nominee...and a couple of people are P.O.'d

    I've never even heard of Dont Move..Just bc you are in a movie, doesn't entitle you to be nominated...sheesh!
  9. Re: Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz at the Event (03/03/2006)

    Im not sure if its her new bob haircut or not, but she looks like she is gettng chubbier, maybe the pregnancy rumors are true, hmmmm.

    Matthew ~ Lookin good as always :)
  10. Re: Corey Feldman at the Silver Spoon Hollywood Buffet - Day 2 (03/02/2006)

    I agree with the bobblehead comment..just like star jones, their heads look too big for their frame now. I always thought Corey Haim was the cuter of the two..neither have aged well though.
  11. Re: Nick Carter gets a ticket while out with a girl(03/02/2006)

    ugh..he use to be cute..not anymore. And that girl looks like a tramp.
  12. Re: Jamie-Lynn Sigler at New Heineken Premium Light launch (02/27/2006)

    I think she looks great..there is something about her that is appealing.
  13. Re: Katherine Heigl at the 23rd Annual William S. Paley TV Festival (02/28/2006)

    I've always thought she was pretty, but that guy she is with needs to close his shirt...bleh! He is showing tooo much hair.
  14. Re: Ryan Phillipe and son Deacon out and about (02/23/2006)

    I think its sweet that they spend so much time with their kids. I don't think ive ever seen their kids not with them, or with a nanny.
  15. Re: Matthew McConaughey at the beach. (02/??/2006)

    Mmmm. he is a hottie. and if im not mistaken, you can kinda see where his package is in that first pic ;)
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    Re: Penelope Cruz and Matthew McConaughy split?

    I too didn't see them at the show, but apparently they were sitting together. I do know that when they did a glance over at her table, he was NOT sitting there. And it is a bit odd that they...
  17. Re: Penelope Cruz and Matthew McConaughey on the beach in Cabo

    I just have a hard time seeing them as a couple. I love Matthew McConaughey, but they just don't seem right together.
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    Re: Kirsten Dunst drunk

    ick,ick,ick,ick..i cannot stand her either..she is annoying, cannot act and is just a bitch.
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    Re: Jessica Alba Semi Nude

    WOW! she is very attractive :)
  20. Re: Michelle Trachtenberg @ Hollywood Reporters Next Generation

    ick, i cannot stand this girl. I have disliked her since she was in that "harriet the spy" movie with rosie odonnell..she is annoying.
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    I like SMG & FPJR, they make a cute couple. I am...

    I like SMG & FPJR, they make a cute couple. I am 4'11 1/2 and my husband is 6'1, so there is nothing wrong with shorties :)
  22. wow, Helen has aged quite a bit..and that other...

    wow, Helen has aged quite a bit..and that other woman is just odd.
  23. What is with that dress?? She still looks alot...

    What is with that dress?? She still looks alot like Helen Hunt, but she sounds a little manish.
  24. Lizzie Olsen is the one in the yellow, ASHLEY is...

    Lizzie Olsen is the one in the yellow, ASHLEY is the one with the stupid looking sun glasses :roll: You'd think since they have soo much $$, they'd dress a little better.
  25. interesting pics.

    interesting pics.
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