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  1. Re: What Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Baby might look like

    yeah, me too. The most gorgeous parents never have gorgeous children.
    Plus, i dont think Brad is that gorgeous, he was just sexy .
  2. Re: Jared Leto Visits MuchMusic Studios (03/30/2006)

    wow, he used to be HOT when he dated Cameron Diaz. Hes having problems to lose the weight he gained for his last movie, it seems
  3. Re: Kate Moss hangs out with Sadie Frost in London (03/29/2006)

    i love her!
  4. Re: Antonio Banderas Visits "The Late Show with David Letterman" (03/30/2006)

    Hes looking better than in the last few months, but hes not the great hottie he used to be anymore.
  5. Re: Ian McKellen criticizes Jake Gyllenhaal for kiss comment

    Oh, i REALLY want to see that pic of his male Hooker Oscar date!!
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    Re: Eva Longoria wants Michael Douglas as lover

    what the hell happens with this woman??!! shes unbearable!>:)
  7. Re: Celebs you find so beautiful that you can't understand how others can find them u

    Carmen Electra, Pam Anderson , Penelope Cruz and Uma thurman.
  8. Re: Marc Anthony Shows He's A Real Jerk! (03/27/2006)

    Gross. is J LO really having sex with that? id rather die!
  9. Re: Britney Spears takes Sean Preston to a grocery store in Malibu (03/27/2006)

  10. Re: Kelly Rowland at the WMC 21st Annual International Dance Music Awards (03/26/2006

    This is the first time i notice her forehead is so huge!!
  11. Re: Jennifer Aniston at the 'Friends With Money' LA premiere (03/27/2006)

    Black again:yawn:
  12. Re: Melissa Joan Hart at the 'Robot Chicken' DVD launch party (03/27/2006)

    omg, shes huge!!! Her face is soo plain.
  13. Re: Sharon Stone thinks teenagers should practice more oral sex

    WTF?! I DONT believe this shit. What a nutcase she is if she did that.
  14. Re: British singer Morrissey boycotts Canada over seal slaughter

    Seal slaughter is one of the most brutal things ive ever heard about. Just TERRIBLE , it really pisses me .
    You go Morrisey!:)
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    Re: Britney Spears [Singer]

    My thoughts exactly. Ok and cute but never Gorgeous.
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    Re: The Hottest Bikini Bodies

    Elle and Jessica Alba!!!!! Awesome bods.
  17. Re: Keira Knightley out and about in London (03/20/2006)

    Shes the only celebrity ive seen in my whole life, last Easter in London, i was on vacation with my family and i just saw her in Portobello with that former boyfriend of her , the model.. they...
  18. Re: Brooke Shields at Rock & Republic's Fall 2006 Exhibition (03/20/2006)

    EXACTLY,she has turned into a man. How on earth that gorgeous kid in the Blue Lagoon could have turned into this??
  19. Re: Beyonce and Jay-Z at a Nets game (03/19/2006)

    i seriously dislike this couple. They are not interesting at all.
    Shes like a robot.
  20. Re: Rebecca De Mornay and Anthony Kiedis at L.A. Fashion Week (03/20/2006)

    Aww, i really like Anthony.
  21. Re: Brad Pitt smoking in the window of his Paris apartment (03/??/2006)

    i like him, but he doesnt look like Brad Pitt anymore.
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    Re: Joaquin Phoenix in New York (03/20/2006)

    Nice as always, plus, i LOVE his style
  23. Re: Carmen Electra at Agent Provocateur Fall 2006 (03/20/2006)

    She makes Courtney and Kimfugly Stewart look more shitty than ever.
  24. Re: Keanu Reeves and his new girlfriend in Soho (03/19/2006)

    Hes an attractive man. Her gf looks like Sadie Frost.
  25. Re: Jessica Alba at Vogue luncheon (03/09/2006)

    She has a cute style, her own style, not my favourite but i kinda like it.
    She has lost a lot of weight lately.
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