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Thread: WTF happened to Kathleen Turner's nose?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NHKMM View Post
    They don't really grow - the cartilage just drops with age and gives the illusion of bigger nose/ears
    If my maternal granddad (or my own dad for that matter) were still alive,
    I'd love for you to tell them that. In the few photographs I have of my
    granddad as a young man (early thirties) and shortly before he died (at 61)
    the difference in SIZE is very noticable of his ears. The alternative is that
    his head shrunk, but that's not probable when I compare his head to
    everybody else's heads in both photos.....
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    Yea I heard she was ill with rheumatoid arthritis. She must have a severe case if she’s being treated with steroids. Poor dear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ManxMouse View Post
    I had read several times that she broke her nose while filming this crap movied called V.I. Warshawski. That plus the steroids for her condition would be enough to cause the change to her nose. I think she's also said that she has been hurt by people speculating that the change in her physical appearance is due to her being a big boozehound; she attributes it mostly to her health problems (and aging, obviously).
    I think your explanation sounds the most logical. I didn't know that she broke her nose. I do think she also had an alcohol problem in addition to her arthritis.

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