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Thread: Trouble in plastic surgery paradise for Ashlee Simpson

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    i love ashlee's new nose, she looks so pretty....i hope this isn't true..

    ^ though i liked her earlier nose too, it had some character

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    She looks pretty, i admit, but its not a unique beauty, tons of other girls have her 'look'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cocainekate View Post
    Life & Style magazine reports that Ashlee Simpson is unhappy with her first nose job and is considering having it redone. They say the reason is that right after the surgery, the nose had a perkier tip, but as the nose has healed, the tip has drooped and her nose has regained some of its length. They provide some excellent pictures in the magazine illustrating the point. They report that it is common for noses to change a lot post surgery, and that even though Ashlee has been advised to wait a year before having her nose redone, she wants to get it fixed now.

    This comparison shot shows a pic taken right after the nose job (left) compared with a pic taken before she had her nose done (right):

    This is a recent photo:

    In Life & Style's photos, you can see it better.
    She looks like lots of other blonds... but have you noticed that her mole is now missing??

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    i think she looks a lot more attractive with the new nose. however, she also looks like a whole different person. as much as i don't like the way i look at times, i'm not sure if i could look at myself in the mirror if i got PS done and looked like a different person.

    eh... if i knew the PS would make me look more attractive, albeit very different, i think i'd go for it.

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    uhm is she actually saying her old nose grew back?

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