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Thread: Sandra 'Pepa' Denton

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    I was a fan of theirs when I was younger..after watching their new show for a few minutes I knew something was wrong, her nose was slimmer. I think she looked a little better before.
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    Her new nose doesn't look bad but she looks like a different person.

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    Back in the boxed wine.


    I'm glad she ditched the orange wig.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hip_hip_renee View Post
    I'll take cute-and-unique over blandly-pretty any day. Please, people, stop with the nose hacking! Faces that had schnozzes (Jennifer Grey, Pepa, Ashlee Simpson, etc.etc.) were so much more memorable in the before stages... and I mean that in a GOOD way.

    You and me both, but we're in the minority here. I dunno. I like faces with character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tictac View Post
    I was shocked when I saw her on the show. She looks like a Janet Jackson lookalike now. I like her, though.
    Totally agree. The hack and hack and hack away and eventually the nose starts to disappear altogether.
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