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Thread: Ofra Haza's (R.I.P) nose job(s?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by NHKMM View Post
    If you want to believe it, please do

    And you're right, her BF was in either Germany or London. My mistake.
    if you're refering to the supposed report from that nonsense Chamish article about Haaretz publishing a report that Haza had an affair with a bi-sexual German film producer to put final closure on the issue. that was not Ha'aretz who published that. rumors spread when people were shocked that Ofra died of HIV. but i dont think anyone will truly know how Ofra contracted it unless we are privy to her medical records. which will never happen, and is truly no one's business as far as records go. regardless of the situation it's pretty obvious that Doron would have had it as well.

    i believe the only one who really knows anything about Ofra's
    private life, even more then her family - Bezalel Aloni. Bezalel
    said he tried to convince Ofra to date people, to have fun, but she
    was always saving herself to marriage. He said that many times: "Doron was the first and last man in her life, and that's terrible".

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    She was NOT a virgin when she got married. That's just bullshit, I'm sorry.

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    and how can you be so sure of that?

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    I'm amazed that she's dead, I had no idea. She was really huge in the eighties, I remember all the posters in the magazines

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