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Thread: Nicole Richie wants a nose job

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    Default Re: Nicole Richie wants a nose job

    Quote Originally Posted by sophie
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...until recently she's always had young hollywood's cutest nose...well she still she's just tied with Ashlee Simpson...yes, i said it...i LOVE Ashlee' new nose.
    I love Ashlee's new nose too!!

    Dr. Kanodia is awesome.
    "Never wrap it up, never pull out. Just grind up the morning after pill in her scrambled eggs at sunrise, she'll appreciate that you made her breakfast."

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    I love her nose. it isn't your typical whimpy little starlet nose it's cute and unique. she should keep it

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    I think her nose is just fine.

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    I think she already had it!!
    But she's not telling!! Her nose looks fake to me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by South Lake View Post
    I love Ashlee's new nose too!!

    Dr. Kanodia is awesome.

    Is that who did her nose?
    I think her new nose looks great.
    He who knows does not speak.
    He who speaks does not know.

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