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Thread: Monica Cruz: nose job or make-up?

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    You guys have got to be shittin' me.

    This woman hasn't had a nosejob!

    I don't know who put together those REALLY BAD collages in the OP's post, but none of these photos are dated, some of the supposed "after" photos are actually before's, she's smiling in almost all of the first photos, and not smiling in any of the second photos.

    Here are some RECENT photos of Monica Cruz from 2007. Note her nose looks exactly the same as it always has.

    I have to laugh at how many people here think they know plastic surgery. Itís so funny!
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    can tell you the 1st collage is from Monica's first attempts to work into the showbiz. All these pics are pretty easy to find in all her fansites, so that shows when they were taken, a long long long time ago.

    The second collage is from Paso Adelante to nowadays, so from approx 2002 on.
    These are from Februsry 2007, the newest I've found:

    Source:Hollywoodtuna Ľ Blog Archive Ľ Penelope Cruz’s Sister Is Hot!

    I have to say her nose is not bordering her mouth and it doesn't look too bulbous anymore as it was here, IMO:

    Anyway it's not really a problem if she's gone under the knife or not, we're just making some gossip

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    I agree with South Lake. It's all about angles, lighting and facial expressions in this case.

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    Further proofs on nosejob.



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