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Thread: The many noses of LaToya Jackson

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    Default Re: The Many Noses Of LaToya

    What a freak! O_o

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    Default Re: The Many Noses Of LaToya

    Quote Originally Posted by peekaboo View Post

    last one looks alittle piggish to me...
    You forgot her original nose:
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    Default Re: The Many Noses Of LaToya Jackson

    i guess this runs in the family???

    i wanna see a pic of michael and her...with their new noses next to each other

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    Default Re: The Many Noses Of LaToya Jackson

    what a shame. she looks very pretty in the early photos

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    Chronology order..

    Quote Originally Posted by moomies View Post
    I was wondering that myself, too. She looks like she's weeping...
    Manager/ex-husband. The MF died recently, so oh well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natee471 View Post
    LaToya was a real beauty in her younger years. It's a shame she could allow herself to look the way she does now. She would have aged gracefully and beautifully had she not bleached and mutilated her face to the point where she looks like an alien! It was unnecessary and to me, it's like throwing the beautiful gift she and Michael were given (Good Looks) back in God's face!

    I find it off you'd say she bleaches her skin and than go and prove yourself wrong depicting pictures of herself where she was always light skin, lol. Its impossible to make your complexion shades lighter anyway.

    But anyway, thanks for the Janet pictures
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    I can see why she wanted a nose job in the first place. It was a very
    prominent feature on her face. She was not very attractive, honestly; very
    average. However, it's obvious she's gone way too far. She should have
    stopped a long time ago. She looks horrific--a nightmare. Her face amazes me.

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