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Thread: Larry Birkhead's before and after nose job shots

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    Maybe somebody explained this, but I don't understand why Anna Nicole Smith was so desperate to get away from Larry Birkhead? I mean, I believe she knew it was his kid, and she went to all this trouble to get away from him by leaving the country. If she'd lived, she'd have gotten all the money from her ex-husband's estate (if any). And a semi-employed ex-boyfriend would not have gotten custody - she had a track record as Daniel's parent all these years. So I think the best Birkhead would have gotten was visitation. Was that enough to go to all these lengths to leave the country? Maybe I'm missing something obvious, does someone know the story?

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    The obvious something is that Anna Nicole Smith was all about control - she controlled everything, starting from puberty when she quit school at the age of 14 and became wild. She was also a very willful child before hitting puberty.

    And Anna Nicole Smith wasn't as stupid as people think she was. She did hand over a certain amount of power to Howard K. Stern, but she was in cahoots with him at the end. And in the end, she lost control because of her son's death. She couldn't hold on to her sanity and couldn't get sober let alone stay sober. Then she died.

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    Major bridge shaving. Looks great tho and big improvement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrettyGirl View Post
    Ughhh, he was ugly!!! You mean this is how Larry Birkhead really looks like and the face we see now is him after plastic surgery?! That really sucks. This guy is really wierd if you ask me. First a nose job, an eyelid job, he gets highlights put in his hair, he leaves Kentucky to become a celebrity photographer and then ends up shagging Anna Nicole Smith? This guy is star-struck. It seems like he's always wanted to be something he's not.

    And I'd be pissed to meet some great looking guy and then I find out it's not even him---that it's a face he 'bought' for a few thousand grand! God, now I wonder how Dannielynn will really look like when she grows up.

    There is an episode of Frasier in which Roz is pregnant, and meets the FOB's parents; they both have HUGE noses, so she realizes that the baby's daddy must have had a nose job at some point, and she herself had a nose job, so she's freaking out wondering how big her baby's nose will be.

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    you already know.


    ^ oh man that sucks so bad! Like how Courtney Love's daughter now has her old face it must be a haunting reminder.

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