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Thread: Kelly Rowland's nose job

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    looks like she wants to be some kind of a barbie and doing all for that(surgery et.c.). like 'hey, forget about Beyonce, I'm the cutie one! look at my new boobs and nose!'

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    Oh, she's so cute!
    I don't think she had a nose job, she doesn't have a flat large nose, she's not Rihanna!
    Three reasons to be teacher: June, July, August.

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    ^ See, its people and comments like these is why black people go crazy.

    I see it now. Geeze, I must not pay attention when people point of these things. lol Kelly looks great with big curly hair. She can't rock the pineapple hair cut IMO.

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    She was pretty before and at most had a very slight nose job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by waikiki View Post
    Oh, she's so cute!
    I don't think she had a nose job, she doesn't have a flat large nose, she's not Rihanna!
    she has, and im pretty sure she admitted to the nose job and boob job once in some magazine

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