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Thread: Jessica Simpson's bump

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    Default Re: Jessica Simpson's bump

    Quote Originally Posted by NoDayButToday
    Yay, another Wicked fan! Welcome Elphie!
    yes, another completely obsessed Wicked fan. thanks for the welcome!

    okay guys, back to Jessica! EW! EW!! hating herrrr!!

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    Default Re: Jessica Simpson's bump

    She has the same nose as Ashlee.

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    I honestly think she looked better before all the PS. her features are "prettier" now, but she doesn't look like a person anymore. And did she have
    some kind of lip reduction along the way, just to change her mind and stuff some restylane or whatever in there? Her lips look much fuller and softer in the 90's pics than they do during most of the early 00's pics, and then when she got them plumped there was so obviously no room for the stuffing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by areader View Post
    And I bet you're reeeeeeelllll purty....aint ya?


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    I still see the bump, and I don't think she looks that different. The biggest thing I notice is weight loss which complete morphed her, but everything else... I can't pin-point. Her nose looks more angular, maybe thinner, but she's also fake-baked which can make your features look sharper if they're already sharp, and hers certainly are/were. So hmm... I'm up in the air about this one.

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    She's all fake....eyes, nose, lips and boobs

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    But why doesn't she get a proper nose job like her sister, eventually?
    She says "it's an imperfection but to me it's perfection".
    Ok. We get it.
    But, hence, stop planing your bumps, stop reshaping your nostrils, stop trying to do whatever is possible to make your bums look smaller.
    Call Kanodia, baby.
    None is ever going to believe all the bullshit you and ur sister keep on telling (I wanna be different. I'm so glad I didn't get a nosejob).
    Besides that, I still like this girl, she's freaking fashionalble and hot and nice. But so funny the richer you are the less self-esteemed you get.

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