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Thread: Freddie Prinze Jr.'s nose job

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    Default Re: Freddie Prinze

    Quote Originally Posted by Roller Girl
    Are you sure that documentary wasn't called Jerry springer lol. jerry springer did a show about a man who was into baby stuff and acted as a baby 24/7 and his girlfirend even had to wipe his ass after he went to the bathroom room.
    It actually might have been! I use to be quite a big fan of Jerry Springer
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    I never thought he was really Freddie Prinze's son cause he looked nothing like him. But now it's clear. Yes, he definately had his father's nose.
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    I love vanilla! mmmm and Freddie Prinze is vanilla? lol
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    He's actually quite attractive isn't he? Like a hotter Chris Klein. But he has that annoying hot face, like he knows he is the shit. Grrr.
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    *sighs dreamily*

    I remember when he actually used to have a career...

    *reminisces back to his I know what you did last summer days*

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