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Thread: Christopher Knight's nose job

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    you already know.


    yeah men w/ tiny noses looks dumb.

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    I'd vote nosejob. Yes, noses can change over time, but the tip of his nose (if you were to look at it at 90degr.) changed from D-shaped to }-shaped -- where there is a tip raised separately above the nostrils. That look is common with some of the older plastic surgery. Think of all those stars in the 80s. I don't know if it was the "style" or if the doctors just fucked up, but you saw it a lot. It reeks of botched nose job.

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    God I used to have such a crush on him when I was little. Now it's like "bleurgh". I wasn't impressed by his tongue duel at his wedding either. His nose has the signs of sagging after nose surgery so yeah I'd agree. His teeth are smaller to. Weird.

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    ^^ I always thought he was the cutest Brady boy too.

    He's still a nice looking man, though I much prefer men to be natural.

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    I liked the Dad the most And he was gay..

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    Default Nose Job

    Although it is unfair to compare a childhood pic to a recent one, I think he has had a nose job based on the most recent pics. I noticed his weird looking nose on the Surreal Life as well & was wondering why a man would do that to himself. If you look at his tip, it reeks of "nasal retraction" (I watch alot of PS shows ). I also wondered about the shape, it is so 80's like someone else mentioned. It is approaching Micheal Jackson territory.
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