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Thread: Beyonce Knowles' nose job

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    Quote Originally Posted by BITTER View Post
    ^^^I thought Barbra Streisand refused to get one because she was afraid that it would affect her voice? And didn't Connie get hers before she was raped?
    I bet she just says that to get people like her more about the fact she wanted to stay natural, and then when she started getting old she did all the face-lifts, and her voice is the same.

    I guess it must have been kind of like with Anita Ekberg, her studio said she needs to get a "Gabor nose" so she will be more beautiful, she refused.

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    I'm glad she left her nose alone. She'd have gotten a fake Gabor nose or worse, a Michelle Lee/Joan Van Ark nose.The Gabor sisters all had awful nose jobs, but that was the best that they could do back then. Marilyn Monroe's nose job was surprisingly good for the time, IMO. But up until the 90s, to me anyway, most nose jobs looked woefully fake.

    Another (surprising) exception was Michael Jackson FIRST nose job. He should have stopped there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by funky_chicken View Post
    While I tried to find pictures of that evening where she didn't dance I came across this picture and wanted it to share this pure awesomeness with you.

    She is imitating your profile pic.
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    you're right

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