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Thread: Iggy Azalea's new nose and chin

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    Default Iggy Azalea's new nose and chin

    Iggy Azalea's jaw-dropping 'plastic surgery' transformation in pictures: Before and after slider shows how much the rapper's nose and chin have changed in recent months

    By Daniel Van Boom and Jade Watkins for Daily Mail Australia
    Published: 02:13 GMT, 18 May 2015 | Updated: 21:02 GMT, 18 May 2015

    She underwent a breast enlargement last year, confirming she had the procedure done in an interview with Vogue in March.
    But Iggy Azalea prompted speculation she has undergone more plastic surgery procedures as she arrived at the Billboard Awards on Sunday evening.
    The difference in the Australian star's profile was difficult to ignore as she she posed stoic-faced on the red carpet at the Sin City event.

    (there are slidy-back-and-forth pictures if you follow the source link)
    Before and after: Iggy Azaela showed off her new look at the Billboard Awards on Sunday night. The star pictured right in March this year

    Transformation: The Australia star's side profile is dramatically different, prompting speculation she's had a secret nose job

    Changing shape: There are also new rumours of a chin implant

    More surgery? The singer, picture left on Sunday and right in June, recently revealed she'd had a boob job

    Dropping jaws: Iggy's outfit showed off a healthy dose of skin at the awards, with the skirt and crop top combo baring her svelte midriff and slim limbs

    It appears that perhaps the Fancy star has undergone a rhinoplasty procedure, with the tip of the nose and the bridge shaved down.

    Iggy's jaw also looked slightly different, a squarer shape more apparent.
    Wearing light blue, Iggy's svelte midriff and slim limbs were clearly displayed, with the rapper appearing to have dropped weight ahead of the red-carpet appearance.

    Noticeable difference: Iggy's nose was much more prominent last year [pictured left in August 2014]

    New look: Iggy also showed off her newly pink-tipped blonde locks

    Hollywood makeover: Iggy has also been sporting a slimmer figure compared with last year

    While her wears were mostly pastel blue, the Australian songstress' skirt was segmented into a skin-coloured portion by a pretty vector pattern.
    She completed her outfit with a pair of purple stilettos - which almost matched the colour of her newly pink-tipped blonde locks.
    The Aussie star walked the red carpet with boyfriend and LA Lakers player, Nick Young, who donned tattered black jeans, a white sneaker and T-shirt combo, and a bright orange jacket.
    Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea at 2015 Billboard Awards

    No smiles for selfies: Iggy remained stone faced as she took selfies with the crowd

    Photo ops: The couple happily obliged in posing for pictures

    The two posed stone-faced at the event, with Iggy not even breaking into a smile as she took a selfie with the crowd.
    The Australian rapper was also joined by iconic pop star Britney Spears at the event, who smiled happily in a floor length metallic dress.
    Iggy previously opened up about going under the knife for her breast augmentation to Vogue in March.
    Taylor hugs Calvin and Iggy performs: 2015 Billboard highlights

    Teetering: The star appeared a little unsteady in her pink stilettos

    Contrast: The Australian rapper was also joined by iconic pop star Brittney Spears at the event, who smiled happily in a floor length metallic dress

    'Four months ago, I got bigger boobs! I'd thought about it my entire life,' before adding she initially didn't want to tell anyone but decided 'I wasn't into secret keeping,' she explained.
    'I love them so much I had to talk about them,' she told E! Online a week later, adding with a laugh 'Everybody did say, "I don't think you need to say it because no one will ever know because they're so small.'"
    Sunday ended up being a good day for Iggy, as she took home the Billboard awards for Top Rap Artist and Top Rap Song, for Fancy.

    Stoic: She walked the red carpet with boyfriend and LA Lakers player Nick Young, the pair barely smiling for the cameras

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    I don't lie the light blue outfit or the pink shoes with it. She looks purposely washed out.
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    I can't tell about the chin, but her nose certainly looks different.

    And WTF is going on with Britney Spears' mouth?
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    Hard to believe she is even uglier and more lopsided in the face but tbe evidence is right there for all to see.
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    Definite nose job, and looks like there's filler in her cheeks as well.
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    She looked better before. I hope it settles. She should have left her face alone. She looked normal and unique, no great beauty but at least she was recognisable.
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    Her eyes look even smaller now.
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    What a shame to have paid so much money for such a poor difference. Could've sent me through a semester of college from the titty funds alone, and god knows I'd have done a better job with that money than the surgeon did.
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    If January Jones and Kim Kardashian had a baby...

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    Don't know who the hell she is, but I like the new nose.
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    i didn't dislike her original nose but her new one is fine too.

    the big problem is obviously she has some serious self-esteem issues if she's already done her butt, boobs, chin, nose and who knows what else (jaw shaving?). she wasn't great to begin with but she's getting super odd looking, especially with such small beady eyes.
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    I like her old wonky nose better. And she does not have the legs for short skirts, not with those cankles.
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    LOL secret nose job?? It's written all over her face and now she's just a flat faced dud.
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    I think she might have had more than one nose job. Her original nose was pretty big. Then her nose looked really good and well suited to her face (like Gisele Bündchen's). She might have thought it was still too big or lopsided and didn't leave well enough alone and chopped it off. The new one looks completely fake.

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