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Thread: Did Ben Savage get a nose job?

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    Default Did Ben Savage get a nose job?

    April 2007

    April 2008

    May 2009

    November 2011

    March 2012

    January 2013

    March 2014

    April 2014 (image from the new show)

    All the pics came from UPROXX.

    An Important UPROXX Investigation: Did Ben Savage Get A Nose Job? «

    There aren't too many profile pics of him but I found this one on Zimbio from July 2011.

    I vote YES. It looks like he might have had two nose jobs. One between 07 and 08, the bridge has a thinner and crooked appearance and then a second between 08-09 where it gets the pointier tip. He was born in September 1980, so in the 07 picture he was 26 with the nose we know and love from Boy Meets World still intact.

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    I like the April 2008 one, when it was more bulbous. It'd be helpful to see profile pics for the earlier times.

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    Its ugly either way.
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