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Thread: Namibia offers cheap rhinoplasty

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    Default Namibia offers cheap rhinoplasty

    Namibia Alert -- Fire Sale on Nose Jobs

    Posted Jun 20th 2006 2:01PM by TMZ Staff

    Namibia is all the rage these days. Angelina and Brad put the country on the map. It seems it's a great place to give birth.

    TMZ did some digging and found that birth is but the beginning of a bargain basement medical journey. If baby Shiloh isn't as flawless as her parents, she may want to return home for some "improvements."

    A Namibian plastic surgeon told TMZ that she'll perform rhinoplasty -- a nose job -- for the incredible rate of $600. Compare that to the going rate in Beverly Hills, which often ranges betwen $8,000 and $9,000.

    If Shiloh decides to go into show biz and goes the way of so many young starlets, get this -- a Namibian boob job is $3,600. In Beverly Hills, the cost is usually twice that or more.

    FYI -- You can fly to the capitol, Windhoek, Namibia from the U.S. on South African Airways. Advance purchase is advised -- otherwise, your savings will be eaten up.


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    Default Re: Namibia offers cheap rhinoplasty

    If baby Shiloh isn't as flawless as her parents

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    Default Re: Namibia offers cheap rhinoplasty

    I shudder to think of what a $600 nose job looks like. You'd have to be out of your damn mind. Plastic surgery is not where you want to pinch your pennies!

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    Default Re: Namibia offers cheap rhinoplasty

    Quote Originally Posted by Barbara
    My *icon* thoughts exactly!

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    South africa has long been renowned for the best and cheapest plastic surgeons, but i must admit- i'd also be worried if i was american to go abroad for things like surgery. Our surgeons are some of the pioneers of ps.
    Go sell crazy someplace else. We're all stocked up here...

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