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Thread: Veggie Lasagna

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetie View Post
    I've never even thought of making an eggplant parm sandwich. I will have to do that sometime, my husband loves to make sandwiches out of any leftovers that I have.
    I LOVE eggplant parmigiana sandwiches..on a nice fresh roll.
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    Just updated the cheesy zucchini bake recipe.

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    ^ Oh, thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetie View Post
    Yum, that all sounds tasty too. Please do share.

    I am really trying that eggplant parm sandwich tonight. I called our local sub/pizza shop and they said they could do that for me. You have made me hungry, Kris.

    You're determined to get that sandwich, huh? I hope you get a good one.

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