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Thread: Cream Cheese & Crescent Roll Dessert?

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    Default Re: Cream Cheese & Crescent Roll Dessert?

    Yeah, I didn't make it. I wound up getting chocolate truffles at work for free (yay Valentine's Day giveaways, free bra and a box of chocolates).

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    Default Re: Cream Cheese & Crescent Roll Dessert?

    I still reckon the only way to eat croissants is the authentic French way, ie, totally plain, fresh from the oven and dipped into your morning coffee.
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    Default Re: Cream Cheese & Crescent Roll Dessert?

    I finally made this Saturday night. Guess the kids liked it, it lasted only one day. It was hard for me to stop eating it, I could have ate the whole pan. I baked it a little to long, got more brown on the top then I wanted (can't pull myself away from GR to watch the oven ) but it was still good. Thanks again MonkeyMix for finding the recipe for me! It was so easy to make, I'll be making it again.

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    Default Re: Cream Cheese & Crescent Roll Dessert?

    Yeah. After reading this thread I started craving these although I had no idea how they tasted.

    Mine turned out terrible. I couldn't roll the crescents at all and ended up with goo under over around and spilling out of the sloppy dough.

    Delicious, though. Especially the cream cheese filling. Somehow I ended up with way too much and ended up on the counter just eating about 4 cups full of that. I'm surprised I'm not dead by now.

    Anyhow, just wanted to give B.C.'s dessert suggestion a 'thank you' and a thumbs up.

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    Default Re: Cream Cheese & Crescent Roll Dessert?

    I'm gaining 5 lbs just reading the recipe, but it sure sounds good!

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    Default Re: Cream Cheese & Crescent Roll Dessert?

    The crescent rolls are NOT a croissant. If you have had them, they do not have the same texture inside that comes from the layering pastry process of making a true croissant. Pillsbury does not claim they are croissants. Similar names-that is all.

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